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Kishinno Symbol
The Kishinno Symbol
Name Kishinno
Kanji 鬼神の
Rōmaji Kishinno
Literal English Demonic
Clan Tenma Clan


The Kishinno is a special Kekkei Genkai that is only known to the Tenma Clan. It was gained through the King of Hell. To this day it has been impossible for others to gain this Kekkei Genkai even when they try to extract it from a user. To gain it your Affinities and Soul have to be bound to Jigoku.

The Kishinno has two special abilities. The first allows the users to transform their body into a demonic figure. They can chose to transform a single body part, which will gain the advantages, or their entire body if they have matured it enough. To even gain the Kekkei Genkai the user must of had one or more of three incidents happen to them.

The first incident is simply through maturity. When the user starts to mature their body Kishinno will also mature along with them. This has been known to be the most common way but, this will barely evolve the Kishinno and will only unlock one or two body parts.

The second is through fighting. The clan has taken this to their advantage and train with other members to mature the Kishinno. It would be randomly unlocked through simply fighting. When the user would be fighting someone and they were going to hit their opponent then their hand may transform. Or when their opponent hit the user then that part that got hit would transform and add protection from the hit.

The third is through an emotional experience. This has been shown to be the most effective way to mature the Kishinno. It has been known to completely transform the user but they lose their mind. The go on a rampage until the gain memory back which from their they can control their transformation.

When the user transforms then they will gain a boost in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu by a good amount, depending on how advanced their Kekkei Genkai is. But, if the user were to only transform a part of their body that certain part will get the boost but nowhere else.

With this Kekkei Genkai the user can create a black smog that is used in allot of the clans techniques. The smog can be created without having to transform, however, if they do transform their Techniques will gain a significant boost in power.


  • At first this Kekkei Genkai was going to be named Demonic Release.
  • The KG was then going to be called Demonic Style but I decided to not use it as it resembles the English version of Release. User:Boredfan1 was the creator of the idea.
  • User:SageOfDespair had then suggested to use the Romanji as it was not an advanced nature. He related it to Shikotsumyaku as it also does isn't an advanced nature.

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