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Kisei Clan
Name Kisei Clan
Kanji きせい
Literal English Death Clan
Kekkei Genkai None
Jutsu Sacred Ascension Funeral
Shinigami Curse Mark
Living Death Technique


The Kisei Clan was a clan that existed for several thousand years before dying out in the last thirty years however, they were famous as the insane clan that worshipped dying and the dead as the true gods. Their believes were so fanatical that few outsiders wanted anything to do with them or cared about their history which has been completely lost however, this did not completely isolate them and their believes were archived by each nation for the times when they encounter them. One of the most well known ritual is the coming of age ritual where they hunt a famous shinobi or samurai, kill them and bring the body back to be burned at the clan's holy shrine. The second most well known ritual is their end of the year ritual where they celebrate the people who die, robbing graves across the world beforehand and bringing them to the sacred pyre to the east of their village where the bodies are burned. This came to an end when a mad scientist used his forbidden jutsu to massacre the clan and steal their forbidden jutsu during the three years of training that Naruto did with Jiraiya.

Religion (Unfinished)Edit

The Kisei clan believe that the thing we call souls are actually gods and that ages ago, the elder gods created the world as training grounds for the children of the gods before they ascend to their place as a full fledged god. This is their explanation of how the physical entities we know of as Humans, animals and plants. However, in their physical form, the children are not gods, not officially and must not be worshipped as such as that is sacriledge to the rules and customs of the gods. Only when a god as shed their mortal body and taken their true form again are they true gods and can be worshipped. However, they see those who commit suicide as not true gods because they ended their training prematurely who by the rules of the gods are casted out of heaven and banished to the underworld. The Kisei also believe that they were given the task of properly disposing of the mortal bodies of the gods upon their death.

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