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Name Kinjitō
Kanji 金字塔
Literal English Pyramid
Rank A-Rank
Range Close to Long Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
Derived jutsu Ultra Kinjitō
Kinjitō: Sword
_____Kinjitō: Canon
Kinjitō: Shield
User(s) Aimi Naga


Aimi focuses lightning chakra into her palm. Once Aimi has collected enough chakra into her palm she can form it into a triangle formation, looking like a pyramid. She will hold out the pyramid aiming where it will hit. Once she decides where to fire it, the pyramid will blast from her palm leaving many linear lightning trails.

The pyramid will then travel at an immense speed towards the target. Once it reaches the target the pyramid will be stabbed into the victims body sending multiple pulses of lightning through the victims body, ultimately electrocuting them to death if it were to be close to a vital organ. If it where not to be close to a vital organ, the victim will constantly receive a shock of lightning. Although, the chakra from the pyramid will die out somewhat quick, though it can still cause damage. The more chakra used, in the pyramid, will make the technique weaker and weaker.

Aimi can also disrupt the chakra within the Pyramid. The Pyramid needs to of been shot and Aimi's hand still pointing at it. Once she focuses for a quick second, the chakra within the pyramid will instatnly burst. From the burst of chakra will be a small explosion, being able to cause seious internal damage.

If Kurama's chakra would be mixed into the technique, the pyramid would cause much more painful shock. It would also render the victim's limbs useless. And if it would even be in the general area of a vital organ, then the victim will most likely die due to a constant shock to the organ itself.

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