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Ketsueki Clan
Name Ketsueki Clan
Literal English Blood Family
Members Blood Release Suigetsu Ketsueki
Affiliation Kirigakure
Kekkei Genkai Blood Release Blood Release

Background Edit

The Ketsueki Clan is one of the oldest ninja clans of the Hidden Mist Village. It is most well known for its excellent swordsmen and swordsmiths. The clan played a critical role in the many civil wars that plagued the Bloody Mist period of Kiri's history as well as the destruction of the Kaguya Clan. Due to the prejudice against advanced bloodlines, the Ketsueki have remained highly secretive about their Blood Release jutsu, carefully playing them off as Hiden Jutsu.

Abilities Edit

The Ketsueki Clan members, have a chance of gaining two abilities. One in which is the Blood Release, being able to both make weapons and control a opponents flow of blood. The second is a high containment of blood then the average ninja has. In Suigetsu Ketsueki's case, he has both the abilities. Othermembers besides four others were not blessed with the abilities. In the clans history it's is written down, that it is very rare for the members of the clan to awaken it.

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