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This is where I will update the rp's that Kengo has been in.

Kekkei Genkai Battle: Crimson Against Crystal - Some time after Kengo's background.
The fight had begun when Kengo was at the training grounds alone. Hizashi Senju had than somewhat challenge Kengo to a small spar that turned into an all out battle with Kurama taking Kengo over with anger.

The battle had quickly ended after Kengo demolishing the training grounds with his crystals and had his Stage One, One tailed cloak absorbed by his Sensei.

Aoi Tried To Tame a Fox - About a few weeks after the one above.
Kengo had run into an Uchiha named Aoi. The battle at first was pretty much a sparing match but when Aoi had gotten Kengo's bloodlust up and running, things turned south. Due to Kengo's seal creating a much stronger emotional bond between him and Kurama, the bloodlust had forced Kurama's chakra to be released during the fight with Aoi.

Kengo had then completely destroyed the battlefield allowing him to take the upper hand in the battle. Even though, Aoi had still been a challenge with his Fire Release, contently destroying the Kengo's Crystals with ease. But as that drew Kengo to get mad he eventually went into the Level Two, Four Tailed mode making him overpower Aoi. With the form, Aoi Uchiha had to flee but Raiko and Waku had become problems.

After a very short battle with the two ninja, Kengo's sensei, Hiroto came and absorbed the beast chakra so Kengo wouldn't do any more damage.

Crystals in the Mountain - Two weeks after the one above.
It was a simple one. Kengo had meet Ginjo and Ginjo meet Kengo. There was no fighting but Ginjo had realized that Kengo possessed evil, but it wasn't Kurama, it was himself.

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