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Ken'ichiro Senomiya
Ken'Ichiro Senomiya
Black Mountain Gang
Name Ken'ichiro Senomiya
Kanji N/A
Personal Status
Birthdate June 30
Age 45
Gender Male
Height 7'
Weight 150 lb
Blood Type O
Hometown Sunagakure
Home Country Land of Wind
Affiliation Sunagakure
Land of Wind
Black Mountain Gang
Senomiya Clan
Previous Affiliation ANBU Black Ops
Clan Senomiya Clan
Occupation Shinobi
Black Mountain Gang Member
Previous Occupation ANBU Black Ops
Team Black Mountain Gang
Previous Team ANBU Black Ops
Partner Sumio Nagafukada
Previous Partner N/A
Family Senomiya Clan
Akiho Senomiya(Brother)
Misaki Senomiya(Wife)
Yuki Clan(By the marriage of Misaki Senomiya, alaso known as Misaki Yuki)
Rank ANBU Black Ops
Classification Shinobi
Ninjutsu Users
Taijutsu Users
Ninja Registration 13
Academy Grad. Age 14
Chūnin Prom. Age 15
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Tailed Beasts N/A
Hiden Techniques N/A
Nature Type Lightning Release
Earth Release
Jutsu Lightning Release: Body Reenergization Technique
Earth Release: Ground Surface Destruction Technique
Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Lightning Release Whips
Weapons Kunai

Ken'ichiro Senomiya is a member of the Black Mountain Gang's Sunagakure division within the Land of Wind.  He's the father of Akiho Senomiya, who happens to be a member of the Black Mountain Gang within Takigakure of the Land of Lightning.  He's the current head of the Senomiya Clan, and considered the Fourth Kazekage to be his personal mentor and role model. 





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