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Sealing Sword
Name Sealing Sword
Kanji 密封剣
Rōmaji Mippū Ken
Literal English Sealing Sword
Other Name(s) Fūinjutsu sword
User(s) Katsuo Uzumaki

This sword allows the user to use Fuinjutsu through the sword. The sword will amplify any Fuinjutsu ran through it. The sword is also made with a special type of metal that just alone will cause more damage than normal swords.

At the handle of the blade is Cloth. But under it is a scroll that allows Katsuo to summon any item. Most of the times he will summon other scrolls that will be instantly wraped around the handle, this will replace the cloth but can be summon back. Katsuo can then grab a side of the scroll and pull out its paper. He can then activate the scrolls technique.

The downside to this is that the user can only pump in one Fuinjutsu at a time. They also need to focus for about a second for it to start flowing.

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