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Name Kaname
Kanji 鹿目
Personal Status
Birthdate June 28
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'4
Weight 120 lbs
Blood Type Ab
Hometown None
Home Country Land of Fire
Previous Affiliation Waku
Occupation Taijutsu Specialist
Jutsu Reverse Art
Reverse Clinch
Reverse Elbow
Reverse Kick
Reverse Round House Kick
Reverse Knees
Reverse Switch Kick
Reverse Switch Knee
Reverse Chakra Shield
Titan Cursed Seal
Chakra Burst
Weapons Hands




He is one of the most laid back person you will ever meet, he just simply doesn't care, and his face expression shows it most the time.



Kaname has very good taijutsu, he has been named a taijutsu specialist and has even made his own taijutsu techniques. He has no nature, he mainly only relies on his taijutsu. Kaname is the creator of the technique Reverse Art and many reverse techniques. He says that his taijutsu is better than some of the Eight Gates techniques, but he hasn't tested that out yet.

Chakra Control/TechniquesEdit

Another thing that he is very good at is Chakra Control, he has to have good chakra control in order to even do the Reverse Art, and also he has some techniques that manifests pure chakra, for example the Reverse Chakra Shield, which makes a shield out of pure chakra that is visible.

Titan Cursed SealEdit

Kaname has the Titan Cursed Seal, his body produces a hardened, armor-like skin that is sturdy enough to completely repel concentrated attacks. In his Titan Transformation, he also has incredible strength and speed. Kaname can also harden parts of his skin to protect himself even more, but at the moment he does that, he cannot attack.
Kaname's Titan Transfomation

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