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Kamon Rekai
Name Kamon
Kanji 家紋
Personal Status
Birthdate November 22
Age 35 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Height 6'6
Weight 200 lbs
Blood Type AB
Hometown None
Home Country None
Affiliation Iwagakure


Occupation Next Air to Be Rekai Clan Leader
Family Oichi Rekai (Sister)
Rank S-Rank
Classification Jonin
Ninja Registration 55862
Academy Grad. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Kekkei Genkai Full Release
Nature Type Earth Release
Jutsu Chakra Armor
Chakra Slicer
Chakra Push
Rapid Fire Chakra Orbs
Full Release: Tiger Armor
Full Release: Chakra Enhanced Speed


Kamon was born into the Rekai Clan, and was air to be the next clan leader.


Kamon is a tall man about 6'6 with white hair and a eye patch covering his left eye. On his neck he has silver rings that go around his neck, and over his torso is a silver band. Also he has his weapon holder going over his torso as well. On his arm he wears an arm sleeve and then over the sleeve is a arm protector made of silver as well. He wears black gloves and a black coat with silver little clip on his jacket, he also wears a something over his right leg that is also silver. He wears boots that reach all the way to his knees, he also wears a pink version of this outfit as well.


Being in the Rekai Clan and knowing how their personality is, he is very crazy. He loves to fight, if he sees someone fight, he would go to the winner with the intent to fight them. Also he like to fight uneven odd fights with him at the disadvantage, for example like 3 against 1. He rarely shows mercy to people unless they give him a good fight.



His taijutsu abilities are keen because he is the leader of his clan. Proof of this is when he fought bandits that tried to take over their village. He single handedly took out all 20 by had to had combat. He has very good reflexes being just as fast as Swift Release or faster. Also he lacks having as much speed as some of his clan members, but he make up with strength.

Chakra Control/FormEdit

He has very good chakra control and form because of his Kekkei Genkai. He can mold things out of chakra and fire them off.

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