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Kagamikamimisheru no Kyomushisanboshi
Name Kagamikamimisheru no Kyomushisanboshi
Literal English The Mirror that Reflects Nothingness Shatters
Rank S
Range Close Range
Type Offensive
Parent jutsu Mangekyo Sharingan
User(s) A Certain Uchiha

Kagamikamimisheru no Kyomushisanboshi is a powerful Genjutsu technique within the Mangekyo Sharingan of a certain Uchiha. 


Kagamikamimisheru no Kyomuhisanboshi is one of the most unique and dangerous Genjutsu due to how it works.  Unlike most Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu, this one can produce potentially a limitless number of Genjutsu, depending on who it's being used on.  Once activated, a gigantic hall of purple, thick, sparkly mirrors will appear around the victim or victims, concealing them inside.  Even if they're not appearing in front of certain mirrors in this hall of mirrors, the victims will automatically appear in all of them, (if it's multiple victims, then they're sparated into a different hall of mirrors each).  The technique works by reading their minds and hearts, and gathering all of the evil deeds and grave sins that they have ever committed in their past.  It then turns it against them and mentally torments them until the caster deactivates it, almost as if it's refecting their darkside on themselves.  This is such a dangerous Genjutsu because there exists no human being that has never committed a sin or done wrong doings in some way in the past, which gives the technique a lot of material to work with, (the amount depends on the person in question though, obviously).  The only known weakness of this technique is that, in order for the effects to actually take place on the victim, they have to have deep regret for the sins and evil deeds that they committed during their past.  If they regret nothing that they've done, then it won't affect them. 

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