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Mirror Eye
Name Kagamigan
Rōmaji Kagamigan
Literal English Mirror Eye
Other Name(s) "Glass Eye"
Clan Koi Clan

A Koi Clan ancestor using the Kagamigan.

Like the Rinnegan & Sharingan, this dōjutsu is extremely rare. It randomly appears in Koi Clan members every ten generations. The Kagamigan, along with the other three great dōjutsu, stems down from The Sage of Six Paths. It is said that those of the Koi are distantly related to the Uchiha, for the eye technique itself is an off-set of the Sharingan. Despite the fact both abilities are related, the Kagamigan has a completely different array of abilities. 

Appearance & Abilities Edit

Main Ability Edit

The Kagamigan has no set color. In fact, every known wielder posesses a different colored eye. Like the Byakugan, the Kagamigan has no pattern, however, the eye's pupil, sclaera and iris are completely visible and temple veins don't enlarge upon activation. The only noticeable difference is the slight flicker of light the eye emits after being activated. Like a camera flash, the Kagamigan unleashes a faint glimmer of light, which is actually the very visible display of chakra being sent out into the open.  It would take a keen eye to notice the kekkei genkai in use. Once this sudden flicker of light dissapears, the user's chakra, appearance and sound are completely masked and an extremely realistic illusion of the latter is left behind. This illusion has its own chakra circulatory system, and unlike normal genjutsu, affects the user's surroundings, rendering this "mirror clone" visible to all oponents. Because it it affecting space (and not a person), the illusion cannot be dispelled by any normal means. It can only be "shattered" or released by the user itself.  

Secondary Abilities Edit


The Kagamigan's circular field of vision and cloning technique.

The Kagamigan grants the user a an augmented one-hundred meter field of frontal and periferal vision. It also gives the user hind-vision.  This fortifies the user's defences, making it harder for taijutsu and ninjutsu to reach the user. Users can also see through genjutsu and can sense the buildup of chakra. Strangely enough, incorporaters of the dōjutsu can physically see sound in the form of circular shockwaves. This automatically nulifies the element of surprise, leaving only the option of straight-forward attack viable in battle. 

Drawbacks Edit

Fortunately, repeated use of the Kagamigan doesn't result in eye strain or blindness, however, it can cause extremely painful headaches and body strain. The dōjutsu is also implantable. The bloodline-limit's main ability only lasts five minutes, and can only be used once every ten seconds. While the main ability is in use, ninjutsu and genjutsu are impossible to utilize because the weilder's chakra circulatory system is being surpressed to prevent him/her from being detected. The user's eyes must be open for the technique to take effect. The Kagamigan's field of vision is set - it cannot be altered. It also has two blind spots: both are on each end-points of the user's periferal vision.  

Known Weilders Edit

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