Kōri Yuki
Name Kōri Yuki
Kanji 雪氷
Romanji Yuki Kōri
Personal Status
Birthdate PiscesFebruary 24
Age 14; Deceased at 9
Gender MaleIconMale
Height 140
Weight Unknown
Blood Type A
Hometown Kirigakure Symbol.svgKirigakure
Home Country Land of Water Icon.svgLand of Water
Affiliation Kirigakure Symbol.svgKirigakure
Clan Clan YukiYuki Clan
Family Shimo Yuki (brother)
Rank Academy Student
Classification Deceased
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon IceIce Release
Nature Type Nature Icon IceIce Release
Nature Icon WindWind Release
Jutsu Ice Release: Blizzard Ball Technique

Kōri Yuki was an academy student and the deceased brother of Shimo Yuki.


Kōri was born in Kirigakure with his brother, Shimo, and they were both born to 2 survivors of the Yuki clan, shortly after Naruto Uzumaki had defeat Madara Uchiha. While growing up, the two brothers enjoyed playing soccer, and they would always go play soccer after they're done with the day's Academy lessons.

But, an accident happened. When the Academy found out about his family being from the Yuki clan, which possesses the Ice Release kekkei genkai, they sent chūnin to kill the brothers' parents, not knowing that their parents were peaceful, and they weren't shinobi. Kōri, trying to protect his brother from the Kirigakure shinobi, sacrificed himself to let Shimo escape Kirigakure.


He had orange hair with little "devil horns" above it and the same green-grey eyes as his brother; he also wore a grey scarf, orange jacket and blue trousers. When he had taken over his brother using the Chakra Scarf, Kōri had grey hair, still the same old "devil horns", yellow orange eyes and an evil smile.


In contrast to his brother's gentle personality, he was mostly a very mischievous boy. Though he was naughty at times, he only opened up to and was only nice to one person and maybe only one person in his lifetime, that was his twin brother; which led to the fateful day where Kōri had sacrificed himself for Shimo to run away from Kirigakure. When he takes control of Shimo's body through his scarf, he doesn't act any different and he would still be hot-blooded to battle.



  • Both he and Shimo are born on the same day.
  • His name, "Kōri" (氷) means "Ice", while his clan's name, "Yuki" (雪), which means "Snow".
    • Additionally, the kanji for his name can be pronounced "Seppyō"; yet, the definition stays the same; "Ice Snow".
    • His brother's name, "Shimo" (霜) means "Frost".
      • His brother's full name can be pronounced "Sessō", but the definition doesn't change.

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