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A special type scroll created by the collaborated effort of Killer Bee and Naruto Uzumaki after the Fourth Great Shinobi war as a means of preserving the secrets of the Jinchuriki for many generations to come for Jinchuriki who struggle to not only maintian their sanity but maintain control over themselves in the war against their Tailed Beast. In order to keep the secrets of the Jinchuriki safe, the scrolls had with a jutsu of Naruto's creation put on them that causes second degree burns on anyone who tried to open it who didn't have a Tailed Beast within them however, the contents themselves were easily read once opened by a Jinchuriki. Anyone foolish enough to try chakra absorption to bypass this defense will suffer third degree burns both on their skin and internally for a sure death unless the person is a Pseudo Jinchuriki, a Jinchuriki or able to immediately transform it into their chakra before t takes affect. The scroll is also further protected with a vast amount of Tailed Beast chakra as well as a small amount of Naruto's and Killer Bee's chakra mixed in which envolops the scroll with a Tailed Beast cloak when an attempt to damage it is made.

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