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Jigoku Hagoromo: Poison Spray
Name Jigoku Hagoromo: Poison Spray
Rank A
Range Close Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
User(s) Shoyo Aburame

Jigoku Hagoromo:  Poison Spray is a Jigoku Hagoromo technique used by Shoyo Aburame.


This is a very simple yet deadly technique, which allows Shoyo Aburame to use his Jigoku Hagoromo to spray a deadly poison out of their mouths.  It can go through any visible opening in the body, but if there is none that it touches then it can go through their the pores on their skin, or even their Chakra points.  Once infected, you'll die within 48 hours, and only Shoyo knows the method to remove said poison.  Back when he was a member of the ANBU Black Ops of Konohagakure, this was a very handy method that he used to torture prisoners, due to the overwhelmingly intense pain that it brings for the entirety of the 48 hours, as well.  Other than spraying it, they can also bite their victim or claw their victim in order to induce the poison, as well. 

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