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Jigoku Hagoromo: Hurricane
Name Jigoku Hagoromo: Hurricane
Rank S+ or higher
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive
Defensive Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Parent jutsu Jigoku Hagoromo
User(s) Shoyo Aburame

Jigoku Hagoromo:  Hurricane is Jigoku Hagoromo technique used by Shoyo Aburame, and is the strongest one of them in his possession. 


This is the strongest Jigoku Hagoromo technique in Shoyo Aburame's arsenal, which, to date, only two people have ever been able to free themselves from--one lived on, and one died from his wounds later on.  It allows him to create a gigantic hurricane, trapping both him and his opponent inside of it.  Many of the Jigoku Hagoromo form a nearly impenetrable wall, preventing anyone from escaping, and many more of the Jigoku Hagoromo constantly swarm the inside, most of them too fast for the naked eye to see.  It's Shoyo Aburame's ultimate technique. 

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