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Jigoku Hagoromo: Bug Multiplication
Name Jigoku Hagoromo: Bug Multiplication
Rank C+
Range Close Range
Mid Range
Long Range
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Parent jutsu Jigoku Hagoromo
User(s) Shoyo Aburame

Jigoku Hagoromo:  Bug Multiplication is a Jigoku Hagoromo technique known to Shoyo Aburame


This is a very simple technique, which allows Shoyo Aburame to multiple each of his Jigoku Hagoromo insects.  He can either do this by infusing his Chakra with them and forcing them to multiply, or by having them multiply when they get destroyed.  Regardless of how it happens, each one of them will quickly grow to the normal size of the Jigoku Hagoromo when they do multiply. 

Known UsersEdit

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