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Jigoku Hagoromo
Jigoku Hagoromo
Jigoku Hagoromo
Affiliation Shoyo Aburame
Previous Affiliation N/A
Partner Shoyo Aburame
Previous Partner N/A
Classification Insects
Nature Type(s) N/A
Jutsu Jigoku Hagoromo
Jigoku Hagoromo Clone Technique
Jigoku Hagoromo: Hurricane
Jigoku Hagoromo: Tornado
Jigoku Hagoromo: Jar of Poison Technique
Jigoku Hagoromo: Poison Claws
Jigoku Hagoromo: Poison Bite
Jigoku Hagoromo: Poison Spray
Jigoku Hagoromo: Deadliest Poison
Jigoku Hagoromo: Bug Multiplication

Jigoku Hagaromo (lit. Hell's Insects) is a rare form of Parasitic Insects only known to be possessed by Shoyo Aburame, the former head of Konohagakure's Aburame Clan


These insects are the fastest and most physically durable of all parasitic insects.  They can move up to the speed of sound for hours on end without tiring, and can't be cut by regular blades, weather they be kunai, demon wind shuriken, shuriken, katanas, or any other types of Japanese swords, and also can't be crushed very easily.  They are also, despite their size, some of the most versitile, able to easily squeeze into some of the tighest locations, and zoom in and out of htem with ease.  Even if they're destroyed, they can infinitely multiply, and each one will quickly grow to the normal size of them again, making them a gigantic threat.  They also appear to possess most of, if not all of, the standard abilities that other parasitic insects possess, as well as having many other abilities of their own, too.  The deadliest thing about the Jigoku Hagoromo is the poison they carry, which they can distribute in a total of seven ways; by clawing the victim, biting the victim, stinging the victim, or even spitting on the victim, or even being destroyed and splattering all over the victim.  They can even do it by touching them, if they happen to touch them for more than an hour at a time.  It can also spray the poison if it wants to, as well.  Due to these bugs having the rarest and deadliest knwon poison in the world, Shoyo himself is able to have a complete immunity to all poisons; or rather, poison will still affect him, (albeit slower than it will with most people), but the Jigoku Hagoeromo are able to quickly eat it out of him, saving his life, and also making them stronger, too. 


  • Jigoku Hagoromo is loosely inspiresd by the Saimyosho from the anime and manga series InuYasha. 

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