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Iron Sand World Method
Name Iron Sand World Method
Kanji 砂鉄界法
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Sand Iron World Method
Other Name(s) Iron Sand: Unleash
Rank S-rank
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu & Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Magnet Release


This technique uses iron sand created from the Magnet Release advanced naturem creating giant sphere of branching spikes. The uer first creates two masses of Iron Sand of opposing magnetic fields and then merges them together. This causes the magnetic forces to instantly increase and the repellent force created by the two opposing magnetic fields scatters the Iron Sand across a vast area. The Iron Sand spreads in spikes that branch off irregularly, making it almost impossible to get a clear overview of what is happening and making evading the spikes nearly impossible. Even if the opponent has managed to evade getting hit, the Iron Sand spikes will have filled the entire surroundings, cutting off any escape routes.

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