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Iris Senju
Kanji アイリス千住
Rōmaji Senju, Iris
Personal Status
Birthdate April 3
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 163.3 cm
Weight 55.2 kg
Blood Type 0
Hometown Yama Yamagakure
Home Country LoM Land of Mountains
Clan Senju Clan
Partner Natsu (butler)
Family Naori Uchiha (granmother)
Honey Senju
Rank on-rank
Classification Princess
Kekkei Genkai Crystal Release Crystal Release
Forest Release Forest Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Fire Release Fire Release

Iris Senju is a young kunoichi, currently living in the Land of Mountains's Yamagakure. She is the daughter of Sigma Uchiha, and Honey Senju. Her older brother often pays little attention with her, as he is stuck with "work" to do all day. This made Sigma, to decide who his favorite was.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit

== Trivia ==

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