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Iori Hyūga
Causal | Demon

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Name Iori Hyūga
Kanji 伊織日向
Romanji Hyūga Iori
Personal Status
Birthdate January 22
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 187.9 cm
Weight 79.3 kg
Blood Type A
Hometown Konohagakure SymbolKonohagakure(formerly)
Home Country 19pxLand of Fire(formerly)
Clan 19pxHyūga Clan
Occupation Samurai
Affiliation 19pxLand of Iron
Rank Jōnin
Classification Sensor Type
Ninja Registration 89903
Academy Prom. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 9
Jōnin Prom. Age 10
Kekkei Genkai ByakuganByakugan
Jutsu Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher
Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms
Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven
Eight Trigrams Point Protection
Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms
Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm
Gentle Fist
Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body
Gentle Step
Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists
Killing Intent
Palm Bottom
Samurai Saber Technique
Strong Fist
Weapons Sword

Iori Hyūga (伊織日向, Hyūga Iori; ; ; ) is a shinobi born into Konohagakure's noble Hyūga Clan. His demonic and rampaging split personality earned him the moniker White-Eye Devil Spirit (白目悪鬼, Shirome Akki), which is a reference to his blessed eyes as well. After abandoning the village, he set out for his own dreams, in his aspiration to bring out the full potential of the Byakugan.


Iori was born into the Hyūga Clan's Main House to a Hyuuga mother and to an unknown Father. Iori's father was said to be a wander that came into the leaf and had a one-night stand with Iori's mother and left, never to be seen again. While he was born into the Hyuuga Clan's main branch, because of Iori not being from a father of the Hyuuga Clan he was treated like the Branch House Hyuuga Clan Members. So was his mother as well, during gathering he and his mother wouldn't be included, and when Iori came to the age of training the Hyuuga clan members training him wouldn't train him like the other Hyuuga's. When there were times where Iori was wide open for an attack, to not hurt the fragile bodies of a kid, the person training the kids wouldn't hit the children, but instead Iori was hit and on most occasions injured. His mother protested to the other clan members, but they simply warded her off because to them, Iori's mother wasn't nothing but a piece of meat men could use.

Though in the academy, Iori was the head of his class in everything just about; there was hardly anything that Iori couldn't do. He was known as a prodigy in the academy and word of his skill spread into the village as people around knew Iori as the Hyuuga Prodigy, the next clan leader possibly; but there were those few people that knew about his mother and they thought he didn't have the right to be the leader and even be in the clan for that fact. Though Iori kept on with his prodigy like skills and soon graduated the academy at the age of nine. He had the top scores in his class and excelled in Taijutsu, his teachers believed that his skill in taijutsu were at the level of Jonin at the time.

During his time of being a genin which was very short, Iori's skills grew more and more as in his team he was the strongest, he even gave his sensei a hard time when they first trained. Although Iori was acknowledged by the village, his clan still despised him. Around this time, Iori started to visit the branch house of the Hyuuga Clan, they knew about his misfortune and didn't despise him as they took him in as if he were born from the branch house. There is when he learned about a Hyuuga named Neji, and Hizashi, both whom gave their life for the main branch and many others. This is when Iori would begin to foster hatred for the Hyuuga's main branch.

As life progressed for Iori, he would more and more spend time at the Branch House and create a huge bond with them. He learned even more about the Branch House and knew just about everything about them, their job in the Hyuuga Clan, their history, and why they were separated into different houses. This only made the hatred in the Main Branch larger. While outside of conflicts with his clan, his life as a genin was short lived as his sensei placed him into the chunin exams which were healed in the leaf at the time. His sensei knew his skills were that of a Chunin, and with Iori participating in the exams he knew he could be promoted.

Chūnin ExamsEdit

Iori's sensei only allowed Iori to participate in the Chuunin Exams, so Iori was forced into finding another team and unfortunately, the only team available were Twin Hyuuga's from the Main House. This was a huge disadvantage for Iori as not only were they apart of the Main Branch, but they were two of the people within the clan that despised Iori the most and to be teamed up with them was disastrous. Upon the realization that Iori was their teammate, the twins were hellbent on not actually teaming up with him. Although the papers show they were a team, truthfully they weren't. They didn't mess with him in the meetings where all the genin gather, instead they treated him as if they were good friends. Iori fell for their kindhearted mood change until the second phase of the exams.

In this phase, they were sent to a forest lurking with hundreds of animals and plants that were dying to eat new meals. There were a lot of participating teams, many of the teams entered into the exams passed the written portion and advanced to the second stage. The objective of the second stage was for each team to get to the finish line which was in the middle of the forest at the very top of a very tall tree. The forest was divided into 5 sections according to the danger level's, level 1 being the lowest and level 5 being the highest. Each section of the forest was filled with dangerous obstacles and organisms big and small though according to the level. This forest was set up to weed out a very small number of genin who would then advance onto the final stage. There were a total of 60 teams or 3 that entered into this stage out of 100 teams of 3, the whole chuunin exams was one of the largest. But this stage would make that number diminish to just few.

In the first level, there were rarely any thing that was capable of eating the genin, and the obstacles were easy to get passed, and nearly all the genin teams passed. It was in the next stage when things began to pick up and Iori would find out his teammates weren't so kindhearted after all. In stage two, there were dangerous animals like, lions, tigers, jaguars, etc that had abnormal speed, strength and stamina. The obstacles consisted of mainly very dark caves and tunnels you had to go through to get to the next level of the forest and not to mention the dense forest itself. Iori's team advanced through a cave and had so far not gotten into any trouble within level 2 of the forest. At the end of the cave was an open area and as his team advanced a whole pack of lions consisting of over 30 of the muscular lions came lurking from the thick brush of the forest. These were no ordinary lions, they had been trained by ninja to hunt and kill other ninja specifically, as far as Iori's concern the lions were stronger and faster than he was. Battling them by himself would be no walk in the park, but with his team Iori thought, they could handle the lions easily and advance to the next stage.

Unknown to Iori, this was the perfect setup for his teammates plans. Before the chunin exams even started, the Hyuga clan was plotting to get rid of Iori and his mother. The clan could of simply exiled Iori and his mother from the clan, but the clan filled with so much pride didn't want a bad reputation on their name. So the plan was to somehow kill Iori in the chunin exams, then fake an accident that would cause his mother's death. With that, one of Iori's team members struck Iori in the back of his neck knocking him unconscious. His team fled and left Iori to be ripped to shreds by the pride of lions. As the lions were lurking to pounce on Iori, he started to come to from being knocked out by his teammates. He would have no time to recover as a lion pounced on Iori, biting him on his right arm and disabling the muscle. In doing this, Iori couldn't do any of his gentle fist techniques which meant he had no chance in even defeating one of the lions. The lion had its teeth sunk into Iori's arm nearing the bone before yet another lion pounced on Iori attempting to sink its teeth in Iori's neck. Iori spun hitting the second lion with the lion currently on his snacking on his arm, the lion on his arm didn't simply let go as Iori was dragged with the Lion deeper into the pride. Out of the thirty lions, ten of them decided to all pounce on Iori at the same time, Iori couldn't do anything, motionless as the lions were inches away from eating him.

The next thing Iori heard were the sounds of lions moaning in pain as a kid from what he could tell his age and size walked up to him. Looking down, Iori could notice two specific things on the kid, a tattoo of his left shoulder, and his yellow hair. Thinking that the kid was going to pick him up and carry him someplace safe, Iori closed his seeing as he was going to be taken care of. The kid lifted his foot up, and stomped on Iori's chest, waking the Hyuuga up from his slumber. After a few minutes of arguing and healing up, they go there separate ways to regroup with their groups. The boy that saved Iori was Hisashi, a classmate that wasn't the smartest, but was nearly equal with Iori in taijutsu, which the Hisashi used against the lions.

Later that day, Iori regroup with his team, but found them to be unable to continue. They were at the boarder of level 2 and three and animals from level 2 and 3 teamed up against his team. One of his team members arm was ripped off, and tho other's leg was broken in many different places. When Iori got there, his team was getting carted off by observers of the stage within the forest. He now had no team, he was forced to face the forest by himself with very little chance of even getting half way to level three of stage two was very little. As he entered level three, he quickly encountered an obstacle in his way, 2 teams fighting. They were composed of people that Iori knew from his graduating academy class, each of them were nowhere near the level he was, so handling all of them at the same time would be simple and it would eliminate a couple of teams in the process from getting to the middle of the forest where the finish line was. Iori steps out into the open making sure that they took notice of him, the teams stop fighting as they look at him. Iori got into a fighting position and both teams started to laugh as they could see the scars of a battle that were obvious on Iori's body.

Iori then used Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms on the two teams, defeating them. A seemingly simple task until an all too familiar face showed up, Hisashi, the one who saved Iori showed up in the midst of Iori's skirmish. Hisashi belonged to one of the teams as was out just for a restroom break when he came back to find his team and a completely unknown team defeated by the hands of Iori. Hisashi wasn't the type of person to let things like this get passed him, so he elected to clash with Iori. Upon them attempting to clash with each other, a giant snake came from underneath Hisashi, swallowing him whole. Iori's first instinct was to keep going on ahead towards the finish line at the middle of the forest, but he conscious wouldn't have been cleared knowing that Hisashi saved him once and he left him to be killed by the snakes stomach acids. Activating his Byakugan, Iori located where Hisashi was so he wouldn't harm him in the process of getting him out of the snake. Iori used Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm to try to first make the snake cough up Hisashi, the blast of air went through the snake's body, affecting it, but pissing it off in the process. The snake directed its attention to Iori and coiled for a strike at Iori. Iori knew that he would need to use something way more bigger, with a more concentrated blast. Iori knew all of the Hyuuga Clan techniques, but there were a few that he couldn't do because he wasn't prepared for them because of his chakra levels. Disregarding his known disability, he used Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher, condensing the blast of the technique to a crescent of chakra that cut the snake in two right below where Hisashi was.

Hisashi came out of the snake's insides and went over to Iori who was nearly passed out from the exhausting of chakra. He was unscathed as he went over to check on Iori, even helping him up to his feet. They both were even, Iori's team was eliminated, and Hisashi's team were down, and not going to get back up anytime soon. So the two came to an agreement to help each other make it to the finish line before all the other teams, although Iori was nearly out of chakra and injured mildly, they were determined to make it to the finish line.

They traveled through level 3 of the the forest getting through obstacles like other teams, natural obstacles, and dangerous animals. Iori held up through his condition, and eventually the two made it to level 4. They were actually the first team to make it to level 4 of the forest according the the chunin examiners. Level 4 was very hard, there were absolutely no animals, but the natural obstacles was difficult for a jonin level ninja if they didn't figure out the pattern. Iori and Hisashi made it to the first obstacle which was a huge lava pit, so large that other teams from other sides of the forest were visible when they entered. The lava pit was easy to get passed, but they were suddenly introduced to an arctic obstacle. The teams vision was blurred by mist in the arctic section and as soon as they got out of the arctic section, they were back into a lava pit section again, and this pattern transition from throughout section 4. The obstacles themselves weren't hard to get out of, it was just that the body reacted to certain temperatures in certain ways, and sudden changes in temperature wasn't healthy at all. This is what made section 4 so difficult, because the students don't think of this, their first reaction is usually "this section is easy so lets hurry to section 5 so we can win." They're not aware of the climate changes and what its doing to their bodies. Hisashi was dense, he reacted just like many of the chunin exam participants did in the past and tried to hurry his way through section 4 of the forest. But Hisashi was no fool, he it was too obvious that something was odd, when the section had no dangerous beast trying to eat them, and the obstacles were easy to get through.

He noticed how the climate changed almost instantly and he figured it out when he and Hisashi's body would react funny. So they had to do specific accommodate for the climate change. For the lava pits, they had to stay as cool as possible, so they stayed in the air as much as possible because thats where the steam was, although it was still hot, they would sweat therefor keeping their bodies cool. Some teams found the pattern in section 4 of the forest, but in the lava pit, they would do things that made them sweat more and fatigue. They would overheat and when they got to the arctic area, they would pass out from exhaustion. Iori and Hisashi stayed in the air all the way until the arctic level where they moved as much as they could so they could keep their inner body warm. They did this all the way up until they made it to section 5 of the forest.

In section 5, the section was set up like a actual battlefield. There were even clones of ninja who posed as enemy ninja, there was fake paper bombs that could explode and when they did, observer ninja would step in and declare you dead if they felt you were hit by the bomb. Traps, enemy ninjas, and natural obstacles were all in this section, it would test the genin in all they have learned throughout their years.

Iori and Hisashi were exhausted from all the other sections of the forest, but they regrouped and refueled, and pushed on towards their objective. Using Iori's intelligence and Hisashi's fighting skill, they were an unstoppable force. Hisashi would defeat the clones easily with his superior speed and strength, and Iori would watch out for traps and get through the obstacles in the section. It was nearing the end of the day, and Iori and Hisashi made it to the finish line finally, after over 12 hours of constantly pushing through the forest. They were the first at the finish line and after a few hours, they were met by the other teams. Out of the 60 teams of 3 that entered the forest for stage 2 of the chunin exams, only 2 teams stayed intact and made it to the finish line, and out of the 180 bodies in that entered, only 10 made it to the finish line. This was the perfect match for the final stage of the chunin exams, they would have a month to prepare for the final stage.





Being from the Hyuuga clan, Iori was born with the clan's kekkei genkai the Byakugan. Although the clan turned their backs on Iori, he learned how to use the Byakugan at a young age, he would rarely be used in training with other Hyuuga's where his mastery over the use of the Byakugan would prevail over his inexperienced opponents. As he got older, his mastery over the Byakugan would only increase through battle and training. He could maintain its usage longer, and also accommodate for its weakness. At 12, Iori's vision range was already 6 kilometers, by age 18 it extended to 12 meters.

With the use of his Byakugan, Iori has an advance view of chakra. He can see where chakra is weakest and strongest in techniques and objects, and using that knowledge he can strike these techniques and objects with enough precision to weaken or disable that technique. Because the chakra pathway is so closely integrated with the body's organs, muscles, etc. Iori knows where to strike to not only block the chakra pathway, but cut arteries, veins, slash muscle, tissue, organs, etc. He has no experience in medical ninjutsu yet with his Byakugan and gentle fist, he can perform near surgical incisions inside of a person's body. He also has the ability to transition from normal his eyes to his Byakugan, this is said to be because of his unknown Senju side. His Senju side may also be a factor to the absence of the blind spot in the Hyuuga's Byakugan, Iori does not have this blind spot, as he got older he realized this but thought it was because of his training with the eye.

With the ability to see chakra, Iori can tell when someone is molding chakra to perform a technique, or to look at his own chakra to see if he is in a genjutsu. His training with the Byakugan is advanced enough to tell the exact formation of chakra in all five chakra natures and other forms of jutsu. This enables Iori to perform attacks in certain areas of a technique, weakening or completely destroying the technique. The more complex the formation of chakra, the less likely it is he can destroy certain techniques, but he can always weaken them. Iori can dissect a opponents technique before they even use it. This gives people the assumption that he has an ability to read minds or he has the ability of the Sharingan. All it is is his ability to quickly analyze chakra and determine what is going to happen.


Iori is a master of Taijutsu being trained in the Hyūga Clan's Gentle Fist style of fighting. Taijutsu is Iori's primary skill, he absolutely does not use genjutsu and he rarely uses ninjutsu at all. Taijutsu is known to be and is mostly limited to close combat. It is stereotypical for most shinobi to say that if a person only knows taijutsu then they can't become a ninja. This is sometimes proven in battle as ninja who use Ninjutsu, can beat those using taijutsu. However, Iori is one of the few ninja in the shinobi world that is so proficient in taijutsu that he

Gentle FistEdit

Although Iori was disregarded by other Hyuuga clan members, he still found ways to learn the Gentle Fist style of fighting the clan would rarely teach him. Being in the main house of the clan, he had restricted access to the Branch house and the Branch house had restricted access to the main house. But Iori was treated as an outcast by the Main Branch so much that they didn't even notice days when he would go and train with them to learn the Gentle Fist fighting style. Iori was regarded by the branch house as having surgeon-like hands as his strikes were precise and accurate. By 9 he knew all of the clan's techniques, so he would then start to form them in his own image, bending the extent of the techniques hidden potential.

With his Byakugan's advanced sight, Iori is able to use the gentle fist's needle-like point to slip chakra in between the molecules of a solid object. By doing this, Iori is able to separate those molecules from each other and split that object apart. Iori mainly uses this against hard objects like metal which he either can't punch or slash through.

The gentle fist has the potential to destroy any chakra based technique. One surge of chakra from a master like Iori could render any technique useless or destroy the chakra of an opponent. When Iori was in Konoha, he studied the chakra pathway system to improve his techniques. He learned that the chakra pathway was closely intertwined with the blood vessels and organs, so he integrated his gentle fist with the ability to sever blood vessels within his opponents with each strike. Iori even advanced his gentle fist to sever the pathway of opponents when struck by him. Even if one of these pathways is severed, it can cause an opponent's chakra to leak out of their bodies. He has even found a way to clog these pathways. By deliberately missing the tenketsu points and simply hitting the pathways, he can close the pathways and cause chakra to build up in that area similar to a blood clot. After so much chakra is built up, their pathway would explode violently and cause massive destruction. One very destructive capability of the gentle fist is hitting the center of an opponents chakra pathway which is in the stomach. All chakra seems to circulate through that one point, so with one very powerful strike to that area using the gentle fist, Iori can cause his chakra to surge through his opponents chakra pathway. This increases the opponents chakra flow but is dangerous because of the overflow of chakra would simulate opening one of the eight gates.

  • Hook: In the Gentle Fist fighting style, the user molds their chakra into needle-like shapes to be able to perform their surgical strikes. Iori however can form his chakra so that when he strikes an opponent, it attaches to their chakra points. He can then yank their chakra away from them, or use it as a means of grip onto the opponent. He can even attach the hooks in positions where he can completely rip the node from the organ or muscle its on and permanently disrupt the user's chakra in a whole. Though this is very rare that he is able to do this, hooks are primarily used to yank chakra from techniques.
  • Push: The Gentle Fist fighting style allows a Hyuuga to surgically insert their chakra into techniques or people. Push is when Iori molds his chakra to push chakra out of another person, object, or technique. Similar to the needle-like chakra that Hyuuga's use to pierce a person, he does this but uses that chakra to push chakra out. It is easier to perform this technique on a technique using chakra as whatever the substance Iori pushes chakra out of weakens or is destroyed. In people, doing this technique simply reduced their amount of chakra.
  • Spin:The Byakugan gives Hyuuga's the ability to see the flow of chakra in a person, technique, or object. Iori exploits this flow and using his gentle fist fighting style to insert chakra in the opposite direction or, flow of the original chakra. (Original chakra: Meaning in this context the already existing chakra in the object, person, or technique) This may seem like a collaboration technique, but those techniques requires the users to be synced up with each other's chakra, having the same flow. By inserting his chakra in the original chakra in the opposite direction, he causes an unstable reaction which causes and explosion of chakra. This is similar to when a tailed beast ball doesn't have the right ratio of black and white chakra, the unstable reaction causes an explosion of chakra.

Gentle Fist Art Crushing Blow uses the Gentle Fist to directly effect chakra. Chakra in a person is everywhere and usually just flows around the body, this is the same with certain techniques as well. The gentle fist allows a person to insert their chakra into a target, mainly a person and somehow damage its chakra. With this technique, Iori directly attacks the chakra of the opponent or technique to ensure effective results of his attack. When striking a target, Iori can transfer the force of the strike through his chakra. When Iori inserts his chakra into the chakra of the target, he can either expand the force of his strike throughout an area target, or contain it to one point. This would damage the chakra, and physically damage the target if its a person. If its a person, Iori would possibly break, rupture, or tear things apart in the body since the person's chakra is closely intertwined within their body. In a technique, using this technique would considerably weaken the technique, or completely disperse it. For example, this technique can even considerably weaken a technique like Susanoo because of it being pure chakra, though it would take a considerable amount of force. This technique can be used with any of Iori's gentle fist techniques except ones like Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm.

  • Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher: Iori learned this technique from one of the Branch House Hyuuga clan members when he was a genin. At the time of him learning this technique, Iori didn't have enough strength nor chakra reserves to do this technique. He had enough chakra, but he would waste much of his chakra using the technique. Getting older and training more with this technique, Iori mastered the technique; being able to form and use it in many different ways. One way in using this technique is condensing the chakra used into one crescent-like wave capable of crushing rock and other hard substances to nothingness. Another use is molding the chakra into a beam that can pierce through layers upon layers of substances harder than rock. This beam of chakra is ideal when using a technique like Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, also at any point, he can make the beam wider and less condensed. Iori does this to destroy the inside of an object's chakra or innards.
  • Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms: Hyuuga Clan members mainly use this technique on things with chakra to either shut off its chakra, or damage organs. Iori however uses this technique on anything with or without chakra, especially when using his Hawk Eye ability. He can then use this technique to dismantle objects through separating their atoms using the small needle-like chakra used in this technique. He can also use his hook, push, or reverse ability with this technique to perform other actions according to what he wants.
  • Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm:Vacuum Palm is an extension of the Gentle Fist's needle-like chakra points that close or open a person's chakra points. The initial blast of chakra is about the size of the person's palm. Through rigorous training, Iori can however make it the size of of an average person and close off all their chakra points with one wave of chakra. Iori also has the ability to make the wave turn if necessary, although doing this may reduce the amount of chakra points Iori can close off and damage to the target's body.
  • Eight Trigrams Point Protection:Eight Trigrams Point Protection is a technique that utilizes the Hyūga Clan's ability to expel chakra from every Tenketsu point in their body to create a shield of chakra. This requires the user to have proficient chakra control when forming the expelled chakra to form this shield that is intended to protect the user. This technique mainly depends on the user.

To use this technique, the user must expel chakra from one or more tenketsu points around their body, depending on the shape and size, it my take from only one point, to multiple. From there, the user can form this shield of chakra to any shape they want, it can be anything from a flat circular disk, thick square, and even three dimensional shapes like cubes and prisms. Also depending on how much chakra they put into these shields, they are able to defend from taijutsu attacks, other jutsu, projectiles, hard substances, and even explosions of massive proportions. These shaped shields can be from the size of a coin, to large enough to protect the user from a technique that does wide spread damage. Though again, this all depends on the user and their chakra.

Masters and proficient users of this technique quickly form strong enough shields that can block an incoming attack that seemed impossible to, or to strong to block. Users can create multiple shaped shields at once, that don't all consist of one shape; a user can have a square shaped shield protecting the front, and a circle shaped shield protecting their back. Users can also use this technique offensively by bashing people with the shields, and they can also push the shield forward with a quick thrust and bring it back to a position, but this ability can only reach 8 feet around the user at most. The shields the technique creates can only be placed a maximum of three feet around the user. Iori is a master of this technique, so he is capable of quickly forming these shields to defend from attacks.


Iori was taught Kenjutsu by an old man of whom he never learned the name of. He initially needed something new for the chunin exams and Kenjutsu was this new things.

  • Kentōei:

  • Samurai Saber Technique: Iori taught himself this technique after learning about it through his Kenjutsu master. With his excellent chakra control and form, he easily recreated the technique and even strengthened it to its maximum potential. The wave of chakra this technique sends out is strong enough to go straight through solid rock and iron. And an even more strengthened variant is able to cut straight through steel and chakra hardened things. The largest a standard Samurai is able to make the Saber Technique is no bigger than the sword they carry, Iori however, can increase its initial size to the size of a tailed beast's limb and still have enough power to cut through it if prompt to. Iori has also been able to enhance the speed of the wave of chakra that the technique sends by adding the concept of Chakra Enhanced Speed. This also adds to its cutting power. Like standard Samurai, Iori can have the chakra used for the technique stay on his sword for swordplay. Not only does the chakra serve as protection to his sword, but it increases the power of the sword he is using. Depending on strength, speed, body movements, etc, the addition of chakra on his sword can give him the potential of cutting through things from steel, metal alloys, and even titanium and diamond.
    • Saber Shrapnel: This technique is simply the Samurai Saber Technique with a different mode. With this technique, Iori uses his Hyuuga ability and cuts off certain sections of the chakra that the technique sends; mainly the weaker areas. The end result is basically small to medium size waves of chakra that simulate projectiles from say a grenade. The chakra projectiles moves double the speed of the samurai saber technique when it is one full wave of chakra because of the decreased amount of chakra making it lighter. This in turn makes the chakra shrapnel weaker, but continuous barrages of this could compensate for this drawback.
  • Dragon Twister: Using the Hyuuga Clan's Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven and his swords, Iori spins in place as if he is attempting to perform Rotation. Chakra is molded into a dome-shaped shield like Rotation, but its a bit wider. Then the chakra shapes into a twister with winds capable of cutting straight through steel and other harder substances.

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