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Invisible Chakra Strings
Name Invisible Chakra Strings
Rank C
Hand Seals None
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Chakra Threads
User(s) Gorou


Invented by Gorou in secret after</span> creating the Split Chakra Strings Technique, the puppet master creates them much thinner than they normally are by using compressed chakra, getting rid of any chance of them having any sort of shadow and making them very difficult, if not impossible for the naked eye to see without just the right angle and degree of light, creating the illusion that the chakra strings are invisible. However, this can also be done by thinning existing chakra strings, a method used as a training tool to prepare novices to make the chakra strings this thin upon use of the </span>chakra threads technique but the training novices aside, thinning existing chakra strings is typically done mainly by those incapable of creating the chakra strings at the necessary size from the start however, Gorou uses it that way at times himself for various purposes.

These chakra strings can be made seen by thickening them by decompressing the chakra that was compressed to make it thinner and "invisible", something that can be done without adding extra chakra however, it is typically pretty easy to release the compressed chakra, easier than it was to compress the chakra in the first place but, if not done carefully, the chakra in the chakra strings can completely decompress altogether and disperse into the air which in turns get's rid of the chakra strings. Being one of his signature techniques although it's unknown to most, Gorou hasn't taught many people this technique but one of the notable users is Kankuro, the brother of Temari, Gaara and the son of the Fourth Kazekage. Besides Kankuro, a few other members of the Puppet Brigade have been taught this technique though two of those students have been killed and Gorou was forced to hunt down and extract the information of the technique from their killers through the </span>Memory Drain Chakra Strings technique in order to protect himself and his students that know the technique.

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