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Invasion Technique
Name Invasion Technique
Kanji 浸潤の術
Literal English Invasion Technique
Range Short Range
Type Offensive, Defensive,
Classification Shio Spiral Hiden, Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Parent jutsu Shio Spiral Chakra Compression Technique
User(s) Nanashi Shio
Shirogane Shio

This technique of the Shio Clan is a dangerously double-edged technique that involves taking control of an enemy's jutsu. Utilizing the principles of Chakra Flow, the user flows their chakra into a jutsu, and their chakra's density pushes out the chakra of the user, allowing the Shio to use it as they will. This technique is what allowed the Shio Armada (潮艦隊, Shio Kantai; ; ; ) to beat back a team led by Tobirama Senju in the Era of Warring States.

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