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Name Inugami
Kanji 犬神
Romanji Inugami
Personal Status
Affiliation Hyōya
Classification Yōkai

The Inugami is a demon under the control of Hyōya, summoned by a Cursed Mask of the Uzumaki Mask Temple.


Normally, an Inugami requires a powerful and cruel ceremony to be evoked. First, a domestic dog must be buried up to its neck in the earth for three days, with a bowl of food just out of reach. After three days, when the dog begins to hallucinate, its head must be cut off and buried beneath a crowded street. Only then can an Inugami be evoked.

However, a certain Cursed Mask of the Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple may also perform the summoning. This improper summon, however, weakens it to the point where Hyōya could capture it.


Inugami are Japanese yōkai evoked for criminal activities, such as murdering, kidnapping and mutilation of the victims. If the evoker is perfectly trained, he can order his Inugami to possess humans and manipulate them. The victim is often forced to kill itself or other people, or to act like a lunatic. But Inugami are also said to be very dangerous for the evoker himself: since the Inugami´s soul is blinded by its desire for revenge and its unstoppable rage, the Inugami can quickly escape the master´s control and kill his own evoker.

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