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Yin-Yang Total Mimicry Technique
Name Yin-Yang Total Mimicry Technique
Rank A
Hand Seals Half seal
Range Close - Self
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Yin-Yang Chakra Imitation Technique
User(s) Kazuki Gōka
Yutaka Gōka
Ran Inoue
Kumiko Kurosawa


The Impersonation Jutsu is a technique that allows the caster to pass as a nearly undetectable impersonator of the desired person by copying their scent, voice, appearance and biology to such a detailed level, only the Sharingan can see through the disguise. The reason the Byakugan and Rinnegan as well as similar techniques cannot tell the difference however is because even the person's chakra system and chakra signature is copied in order to create a new flawless disguise. This also means however that the caster has whatever health and physical issues that the person they are impersonating has to such a level, it affects them the same way meaning that if the target was sick of wounded, then the impersonator must also deal with the sickness or wound(s) however, the impersonator is not forever stuck with the wound(s) or  sickness, it will heal naturally or with treatment the same as it would for the person being impersonated. This also however means that the impersonating shinobi can use the kekkei genkai of the impersonated but cannot use natures or other biologically dependant things that the impersonated would be unable to use. All this is done by casting the jutsu within three feet of the person the shinobi desires to impersonate, turning the impersonating shinobi into a clone of the person at the time the jutsu was casted however, it takes about thirty seconds normally to cast it due to the level of detail required to pull this technique off successfully during which time, the shinobi cannot engage in combat or break or even split their concentration without causing grave results. For example, the biology may become unstable, causing the shinobi to become unhealthy or disfigured or have an unnatural voice among other results.

Development & Other Methods of Using ItEdit

Coming soon.

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