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Illusionary Hidden Mist Jutsu
Name Illusionary Hidden Mist Jutsu
Rank C
Range Long
Type Supplemental
Classification Genjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin Release
Parent jutsu Hiding In Mist Technique
User(s) Haruka


Created by Haruka after accidentally witnessing the Hiding In Mist Technique being used on a rogue ninja by Kirigakure's hunter ninja Karura Ketsueki though Haruka didn't learn Karura's name at the time, this technique works nearly the same however, there are small differences because it is genjutsu. The first notable difference is that it does not require a water source or even releasing water from your body to create it though for the sake of appearances, it must look that way. The second difference is that because it is only a cheap imitation, the Byakugan and a fully matured Sharingan can both see that it is only genjutsu. Finally, the last difference is that because it only imitates water chakra, those with strong senses such as a Jonin would be able to quickly tell that it is an illusion without needing anything else to back it up.

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