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Ice Release: Spiked Rasengan
Name Ice Release: Spiked Rasengan
Rank S
Hand Seals None
Range Short to mid
Type Offensive
Classification Rasengan variation, Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu & Advance Nature
Chakra Nature Ice Release
Parent jutsu [Ice Release: Rasengan]]
Derived jutsu Ice Release:Giant Spiked Rasengan
User(s) Unknown


Covered in spikes made of ice, this technique was created to penetrate armour and skin in order to cause damage faster and slightly increase the basic Ice Release Rasengan's range so it has a better chance of hittng and freezing an enemy. Since the spikes concentrate the effects of the ice, the skin, clothing and armour of a person will freeze slower however, the insides will freeze at a rapid pace since the blood, being liquid freezes at an alarming rate when cooled fast enough. The survival rate of those hit by this technique is even lower than that of it's parent technique. Although close combat is it's primary use, those who are skilled enough can launch the spikes at enemies for mid range attacks. The spikes can regrow however, it requires the user to add some extra chakra to it since the chakra used to maintain it cannot do it. Launched spikes hold the same effect as those still attached to the Rasengan however, it freezes the enemy at a 60% slower rate than when attached to the Rasengan due to the lesser reserves of chakra within it.

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