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Ice Release: Multilayered Ice Wall
Name Ice Release: Multilayered Ice Wall
Rank B-
Range All Ranges
Type All Types
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Ice Release
User(s) Misaki Senomiya

Ice Release:  Multilayer Vacuum Ice Wall is a powerful Ice Release technique used by Misaki Senomiya.


In order to be able to counteract her personal limitations when it comes to how much she can use her Ice Release powers, Misaki Senomiya constructed this technique by utilizing both her Water Release and Wind Release to create more ice, instead of combining those Chakra inside her body and then dispelling the ice, which takes up far more Chakra.  By using water and wind she creates to create layers of ice, and then after several minutes removing the water and wind, revealing a multilayered ice wall with several empty layers.  By touching this wall she can surpass her own limits of her Kekkei Genkai and use Ice Release, consuming much less Chakra than it normally does.  It also provides for a huge defense, capable of withstanding high powered attacks of the Scorch Release or Lava Release, two Kekkei Genkai which require large amounts of Fire Release Chakra

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