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Ice Release: Ice Capture
Ie Capture
Name Ice Release: Ice Capture
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Ice Release
User(s) Misaki Senomiya

Ice Release:  Ice Capture is an Ice Release Kekkei Genkai technique used by Misaki Senomiya of the Black Mountain Gang, and is one of the most useful abilities in her arsenal. 


This technique allows Misaki Senomiya to capture many enemies in her ice by first spraying a light yet quick vapor out of her mouth.  Although the true capacity of this technique remains unknown, she claims that he once used this technique to wipe out an entire small army single handed; not instantly of course, but within the the time span of about an hour or two, she supposedly took them all down with this technique alone.  Once frozen their entire body, inside and out, will quickly turn to ice, allowing them to be smashed into pieces, as if they were ice sculptures. 

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