Ice Release: Ice Armor Technique
Ice armor by stralight2011-d4nfd49
Name Ice Release: Ice Armor Technique
Literal English Ice Release: Ice Armor Technique
Rank A-D Rank
Hand Seals Dog → Snake → Rat → Ox → Boar → Tiger → dragon → Lion
Range No range
Type Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Ice Release


The user could collect the moister in the air and use to form the ice to freeze it to make the ice armor for the technique. Once the user forms the ice armor other techniques like Fire Release and Water Release can effect it.


When the user use this jutsu he/she Chakra might drop to 20 or 30 % depending on the age of the person that using the technique. Once the ice armor is gone the user can't reuse it for another two-three hours (2-3 turns). If somebody touches the user while they still have the ice armor on it will leave them with burn mark from the ice itself.

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