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Ice Release: Glacier Vapor Storm
Glacier Vapor Storm
Name Ice Release: Glacier Vapor Storm
Kanji N/A
Literal English N/A
Other Name(s) Ice Style: Glacier Ice Storm
Rank A+
Hand Seals N/A
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Ice Release
User(s) Misaki Senomiya

Ice Release:  Glacier Vapor Storm is an Ice Release technique used by Misaki Senomiya of the Yuki Clan


The practitioner fires a massive wave of ice which freezes its targets and the surrounding area. It is strong enough to freeze an army of Shinobi at once into position, and powerful enough to, although not break it, but at least slightly weaken someone using Lightning Release Armor, which is the ultimate Lightning Release defense.  However, once the practitioner uses it they have to jump far backwards right away, or else they risk freezing themselves as well. 

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