Ice Release: Blizzard Ball Technique
  • After letting Kōri take over, Shimo forms the frozen ball...
  • ...and prepares to kick it...
  • ...and finally kicks it.
Name Ice Release: Blizzard Ball Technique
Kanji 氷遁・吹雪球の術
Literal English Ice Release: Snowstorm Sphere Technique
Rank A-Rank
Range All ranges
Classification Ninjutsu, Nature Icon IceKekkei Genkai, Taijutsu, Nintaijutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon IceIce Release
User(s) Shimo Yuki (With Kōri)
Kōri Yuki (With Shimo)

Shimo, while taken over by his brother, jumps into the air and "snaps" his feet, pouring his Ice Release chakra out in the form of a frozen soccer ball; he then makes a spin-kick similar to the Leaf Whirlwind, kicking the ball with great force.

Learning ProcessEdit

This Jutsu is difficult to master, at it uses both shape manipulation as well as combining it with a nature, similar to Sasuke Uchiha's Blaze Release Ninjutsu, or Naruto Uzumaki's Rasen Shuriken.

This Jutsu also uses Taijutsu, so if the user is skilled in taijutsu, the result of this jutsu will also improve greatly. For this very reason, it can be classified as a Nintaijutsu.

Due to the learning process, it's classified as an A-rank jutsu.


Since it uses both shape and nature manipulations, it is difficult to master, as stated above. The user must also pour the correct amount of chakra to form the ball, as well as get the shape right. Since it is an Ice Release technique, it is very difficult to form the frozen ball from the ice correctly, or to make a round chunk of ice in the shape of a soccer ball. Right now, Shimo can form a hexagon-like ball out of the chakra.

The technique can be improved depending on how hard you kick the frozen ball after forming it, the stronger you kick it - the more lethal this technique is and vice versa.

It isn't very resistant against Fire Release techniques, since Shimo hasn't mastered his kekkei genkai by combining it with Wind Release yet; though, this technique is still resistant against roughly C-rank, and, rarely B-rank Fire Release techniques.

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