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Name Hoshima
Kanji 大島
Members Raiden Hoshima
Affiliation Kumogakure

This clan is in the Hidden cloud village, and they have their own hiden techniques.  Their techniques allows them to control Wind/Currents, and Water. For example, if they were to simply blow, they could turn that simple current into a storm or a tornado. But it would take them awhile to do something like that. With water its the same thing, but it has to be see-able water, not water vapor. This happens when a clan member is born with wind or water release chakra natures. If they have both natures, then they can combine the 2 elements to make something like a Hail Storm.


If they use a wind or water technique, then they can keep that same technique going until they feel like stopping or their chakra runs out. They can also enhance the speed and force of wind and water to make the damage more devastating. Some peoples wind abilities are so good that they can fly. It is similar to the Flight Technique, just that they can fly faster by manipulating wind to make the person(s) to make them fly faster.

When fighting the clan usually puts a wind against wind, and water against water because they can use their opponents wind and water release techniques against them. The clan usually has good chakra control and form.


The Hoshima clan was established during the Warning States Period and lived through out the years. They were closely related to the Youki Clan even thought the Youki clan had an actually Kekkei Genkai they treated each other as family and not two different clans. then one day, Hoshima Clan decided to leave the Youki clan.

The Hoshima clan joined the new village Kumogakure and started to become one of the main clans in the village. But when the wars came, the clan started getting smaller and smaller, leaving about 200 left. Then when Kumogakure was destroyed in the 4th Great Shinobi War, the clan had to leave the village, to help the economy of the village. So now they are set up about a days out from Kumogakure and are starting to expand. The clan now has about 500 members and they are still growing.

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