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Name Hittakuru
Kanji 引っ手繰る
Literal English To Snatch from
Other Name(s) Hiden Stealer
Rank S rank
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
User(s) Gengaku

An original technique created by Gengaku which when used can be a great tool in battle. It was given the name, "Hiden Stealer" as it can be used to replicate jutsu even as secret as Hiden. He begins the jutsu by slapping his palms together and starts focusing for a short while. His skin starts to turn pale and the air around him begins to look distorted. The next phase requires Gengaku to directly contact his opponent with his skin. This can range from his hands to his forearm. It doesn't have to touch the enemies skin exactly, it can work if touching from the outside of the clothes as well. After this contact is made, Gengaku's skin goes back to normal color. He then must activate the jutsu by performing a one handed seal.

Once activated the victim that was placed under this technique does no feel a thing. Though Gengakus chakra had now merged with his own perfectly, it then sends information from the victims chakra to Gengaku. When the victim performs a technique, weather its Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. The information of how it is performed is sent to Gengaku immediately. Within the few seconds the victim is casting the jutsu, Gengaku will see mental flashes of what the caster does in order to perform the jutsu. How much chakra it cost, what hand seals to peform, what chakra nature, and what exactly is done to perform the jutsu. All of these will now be known to Gengaku, who can then replicate the jutsu at the same proficiency as the caster. Though sometime he may have to see the jutsu twice in order to get it down.

This is a powerful technique which will even grant Gengaku the chakra nature the caster is using. Nearly all techniques can be copied, yet Kekkei Genkai or one of the few that can't be. Once this jutsu is in place, the user can then see all techniques the user is going to cast, and can use this to his advantage. It can be used to quickly dodge the technique as he will know where its coming from. This technique however once placed will only last 1 hour, and is very chakra taxing. He is only able to use it once a day which makes it sort of useless.


  • When used on a Fanon character, whatever technique they use for the short time the jutsu is enabled allows me to copy it onto my character regardless of what it is.

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