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Hisashi Sarutobi
Name Hisashi Sarutobi
Personal Status
Birthdate May 22
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 185
Blood Type B+
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Clan Sarutobi Clan
Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 23242
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Nature Type Fire Release (Affinity)
Jutsu Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fireball Shower
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique
Fire Release: Fire Fist Technique

Hisashi Sarutobi is a ninja from the prestigious Sarutobi Clan in Konohagakure. Hisashi's success in many of his missions as a ninja has brought fame upon his name around the entire Shinobi World. Hisashi is also noted to be a Hisashi's mastery over Fire Release has earned him the nick name Konoha's Fire-Fist.


Early LifeEdit

Hisahsi was born in Konoha to the pretigious Sarutobi Clan around the time of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha but had no affiliation with the two. At the age of six, Hisashi was entered into the academy by his father who was a Konoha Jōnin. Before entering Hishashi into the academy, Hisashi's father taught Hisashi a little on what to expect in the academy. This prior knowledge taught by his father lead Hisashi to become an outstanding student in the academy throughout his four years being there. Hisashi excelled in everything the academy placed in front of him. One skill that he was simply a prodigy in was chakra control. Techniques that took fellow class mates of Hisashi a substantial amount of chakra only took a minimum from Hisashi. Not only that, but he could quickly form techniques using what seemed to be masterful chakra form for his age. Students at the academy simply paled in comparison to the skill that Hisashi displayed during his time there.

However, Hishashi didn't rush graduating from the Academy like other students that were as skilled as he was. Instead, Hisahsi wanted to learn everything he could from the academy before graduating and becoming a Genin. It was stated by many teachers at the academy that Hisashi could have graduated by his first year of participation at the academy. Furthermore they also predicted that if he had done so that by the time he was 10 he could have become a chunin. Hisashi however knew at his young age that if he wanted to become a great Shinobi, he would have to learn every little basic bits of information at a young age so he could succeed when he became older. He believed that if he rushed into things too quickly his young mind would not be able to handle the harshness of the unpredictable Shinobi World. He accepted the fact that staying in the academy would also hinder his chances of being able to do things like his father. Which included things like traveling all over the world, completing missions, and fighting which Hisashi dreamed of doing even at a young age. Staying in the academy would increase his chances of doing this at an older age not to far from his age at this time.

Hisashi successfully graduated from the academy at age ten and was a genin on a team in no time. Since he learned just about everything there was to know from the academy, as a Genin Hisashi was one the best genin in the villlage. This did not only mean the most skillful and strongest, but in terms of intelligence and decision making at such a low rank was what some say at the Jōnin level. Missions that tested what Hisashi learned in the academy were placed in front of him and his path to becoming a great Shinobi. Some of these missions included situation that cause Hisashi to quickly make a decision to ensure not only his safety but his teammates as well. Hisashi was no doubt the leader of his team under the supervision of a Jōnin sensei. Hisashi's leadership at such a young age sparked interest from the villages Anbu as they would watch his progression as a ninja. It was around this time as well that Hisashi's use of Fire Release would begin to shape into his most masterful skill.

Red Sea IncidentEdit

In partnership with Kirigakure, Konoha decided to aid Kiri in an incident that occurred in their village that lead to the death of more than 50 people on a boat traveling to the Land of Fire. This incident was dubbed the Red Sea Incident because of the blood that was spilled into the sea, causing that particular area to be painted in red. Hisashi and his team were elected to aid Kiri along with 2 other teams from Konoha. An additional three teams lead by Kiri's shinobi would also accompany these three teams from Konoha to investigate this incident. The reason Hisashi's team was sent was because that team in particular were very proficient in missions such as the Red Sea Incident. Hisashi and his team were previously able to track down theifs and murders in a short amount of time relative to the crime. They were also skilled in tracking down wanted shinobi and capturing them without any casualties; this was the perfect mission for them. However, it would prove difficult since it was on the sea, there were barely any clues that lead to the person that committed this heinous act.

Luckily there was a huge breakthrough in the mission, a shark that washed up on shore was cut open and inside was the body of a man. When the platoon of shinobi investigated the man that was found in the shark they found out that he was a missing ninja from Kiri. What Hisashi noticed were the markings on his body, the markings indicated that they were pirates that terrorized the sea near Kiri for the past months according to news from Kiri. So the group went after these pirates. It was noted that when this boat was found, there was no cargo or anything valuable on the boat which means that these pirates robbed and killed these people with no second thought. This was the conclusion that the group of shinobi created. They also learned that these pirates had their own encampment; an abandoned village that was now the home of these pirates.

Hisashi was ecstatic on the day of the raid. It would be his first challenge against actually competition he called it. His performance on the raid would be the determining factor in him becoming a Chunin. This was Hisashi's second year as a Genin and he wanted to eagerly become a chunin. If he couldn't at least beat one of these pirates he would train more instead of entering the Chunin Exams. The group of Shinobi would begin the raid and Hisashi's team noticed something about Hisashi, he had a propensity for battle. Hisashi not only took down one of the pirates, but he took down nearly half of the Pirates in the raid. According to his team, Hisashi fought like he had been fighting for fifty years. Although only a genin, he fought on par with the Jonin present in the raid.

Chunin Promotion & Anbu PeriodEdit

Shortly after that defining raid, Hisashi and his team entered the Chunin exams and all of them became Chunin. Hisashi went his separate way and joined the Anbu. It was during this time period that Hisashi honed himself and his skill to the utmost potential that he could handle at that time. It was also around this time that he would research a bunch of things using what was available to him. The Anbu required members to have a detailed knowledge of the human body which Hisashi further advanced with books and learning from Medical Ninja.

Hisashi's missions were very dangerous, which are what Anbu members basically do. Hisashi knew of this and performed his best every mission to ensure that he survived. However, it was difficult to keep his team members alive which was something he did as a Genin most of the time. What was different then was they weren't always out numbered and the danger level was at a minimum. His time as a member of the Anbu was completely different from being a genin. Every single day he was on a mission he could have easily died. This proved to be a hard time for Hisashi physiologically as he couldn't go one mission without himself or a team member being hurt. Some cases unfortunately, some of his teammates were killed. Some missions had to be abandoned and some were too difficult and dangerous to fully complete. Some missions required Hisashi to put his morals behind him and some required him to question whether or not he should even continue to be a shinobi or not.

His time as an Anbu member brought Hisashi to his limits of his abilities all the time, but he was able to make it through. He physically and mentally grew stronger each time he was placed in these difficult and dangerous situations. By the time he became a Jonin and left the Anbu, Hisashi was notably one of the strongest ninja in the leaf at the time.

Forth Shinobi World WarEdit

Hisashi participated in the Forth Shinobi World War and was placed in the Third Division which were the short to mid range specialist. Hisashi played a notable role in the defeat of two of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. Against the Zetsu, Hisashi w



Hisashi is a rather laid back individual, known for his what most people call laziness. Hisashi isn't a sociable person, keeping to himself most of the time until something is said to him. Hisashi spends most of his time reading or training when not on missions for the village. Other times, Hisashi may occasionally hang out with fellow shinobi and participate in activities like any other person. Aside from this, Hisashi is a loner most of the time even on missions he will request to accomplish the mission on his own or only with people whom he trusts. Because of his success, the village will usually honor his request.

As a shinobi, Hisashi is known to uphold the values as a shinobi to the fullest. Completing the mission is his sole objective and at times it requires him to be incredibly ruthless and numb his emotions. This is where much of his Anbu side comes out as they are known to be the same way if not better when it comes to completing missions. After he left the Anbu and reverted to being a regular shinobi, one of his first missions was to hunt a rogue ninja down. The village sent two other shinobi along with Hisashi and in the end, Hisashi was the only one to come back along with the head of the rogue ninja. Hisashi completely disregarded the safety of his fellow shinobi and it resulted in their deaths. When Hisashi realized his inability to care for the well being of fellow shinobi when on missions is when he started requesting to go on these missions alone.


Physical AbilitiesEdit

  • Strength:Hisashi is a physically strong young man who's abilities still haven't reached their peak. From a young age Hisashi was known to be a strong boy. Once as a child, Hisashi and his father were making a chair that used screws and nuts to hold the chair in place. When screwing the nut on, Hisashi screwed the metal nut so tight that it broke in half. While this was common among anyone screwing a metal nut, Hisashi's father was baffled by what his young son did that he declared Hisashi would be strong throughout his life. What Hisashi's father said is what seemingly happened as Hisashi strength was unheard of. As a young boy, he was capable of knocking a bear out with one punch or kick. Additionally he was able to crack rocks when punching them during training. During his time as a member of Konoha's Anbu, Hisashi's strength skyrocketed. He could pick up grown men with one arm and toss them around as if they weight little to nothing. His strength at this time was astonishing to most people because Hisashi didn't look strong at all. Hisashi was slim, and his muscular physique was what some called minuscule compared to most people his age. However this was not the case as he could nearly punch through iron as if it were paper. After his time in the Anbu and he became older, his strength only increased as now he can create large craters by punching the ground. Hisashi's physical strength is said to be on par with a person using Chakra Enhanced Strength. When adding chakra into his attacks most of the time they are stronger than Chakra Enhanced Strength, it all depends on the output of strength and chakra. By continuously training, his strength has gotten to this level and increases more throughout his life until his physical strength reaches its peak.
  • Speed: Having physical strength is not the only physical capability of Hisashi. In order to amass such strength, Hisashi had to train his muscles to near annihilation to get to his current level. These trained muscles are transferred to his speed, as in order for Hisashi to be faster than the eye can see he has to use his muscles to do so. With that in mind Hisashi not only trained with strength, but speed as well. Hisashi was one of the fastest members of his squad as a Anbu member. At times, he was literally so fast that the normal eye could not track him or his movements. This was the case with attacks as well. He could weave hands signs, punch, or kick so quickly that the enemy wouldn't know what hit them some times. This is thanks to Hisashi's ability to generate enough muscle force to move this fast.
  • Reflexes: With his immense speed comes the need for reflexes. A person can be fast but if they don't have to reflexes to compliment the speed then that person isn't fast at all. A problem Hisashi faced many times was he was too fast to react to certain situation. For example, on a mission to catch a murder once, Hisashi tried to catch up to the murder and went so fast that he wasn't able to react to a tree branch. Similar occurrences happened to Hisashi and a few were near fatal all because he couldn't react in time. During his free time, Hisashi would also train his reflexes to become keen enough to react to some of the quickest things. So he trained his mind and eyes so that once he saw the certain things he needed to react to, his brain could quickly send the signal to his body to move. Eventually, problems he faced with being too fast began to vanish as he could quickly react to nearly anything he faced. Attacks began to become too slow for Hisashi, even the likes of techniques used a form of lightning to speed it up.
  • Intelligence:Hisashi was one of the smartest children at the academy when he was there. He was quick to analyze situations and make decisions that would be the best course of actions. His ability to do this is what propelled him during his years in the academy. Not only that but Hisashi read books, spending hours upon hours looking at information to occupy his mind, this is what made him so intelligent. Most books would be on Shinobi's actions during conflict and some books would be simple reads that influenced him. Books weren't the only tools that were used to sharpen Hisashi's mind, games as well especially those that required some strategy. Some of the same strategy Hisashi would use in these games would be implemented in real battles. Trapping, surrounding, or even causing the person to harm themselves all were influenced by strategies Hisashi used in simple games. His intelligence is a factor to his skills in tracking and analysis. Hisashi can track a person down with some of the most smallest detail by closely analyzing the situation or any detail. This lead to his success as an Anbu member when out on mission to hunt people down.

Having an advanced knowledge of the usage of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu gives Hisashi the ability to analyze attacks and use the required methods to counter or escape the attack. This all of course started at the academy where they taught students how to escape certain situations and counter certain jutsu. Piggy-backing off this teaching, Hisashi would become a highly technical ninja, being able to sometimes easily counter jutsu or fighting styles as if he knew them. This only comes with continued analyzing of that certain technique that allows Hisashi to counter or escape these techniques and styles. Because of his intelligence, Hisashi has been commonly compared to the 6th Hokage Kakashi Hatake and 7th Hokage's Assistant Shikamaru Nara who were both highly intelligent people.

Chakra ProwessEdit

Hisashi was noted to have great Chakra control at the academy compared to other students. What took them half of their reserves and time to make could quickly be created and use minimum chakra by Hisashi. While this was with simple techniques, it was the fact that at his age most children could barely mold chakra and Hisashi could do it as if it were second nature. It was no surprise to people that this sheer control over his chakra would stick with him for the rest of his life as techniques such as the simple Clone Technique could be done with less hand signs by Hisashi and form perfect clones. As he got older this prowess over chakra grew to near masterful levels as Hisashi could kneed and mold chakra in mere seconds. Techniques that use large amounts of chakra simply do not use much when done by Hisashi; the techniques are still as strong and sometimes stronger.

Hisashi can form chakra in mere seconds which allows him to release attacks in quick succession against opponents. His control over chakra allows him to learn some of the highest ranking techniques in less time than most shinobi and use that technique as if he has mastered it. Through numerous amounts of training and placing his body under immense scrutiny is the only way Hisashi was able to achieve such an ability over his chakra. He has been compared to some of the greatest Shinobi to ever wield chakra such as Kakashi Hatake, Tsunade, Gaara, and he has even been compared to the likes of Sasuke Uchiha in terms of his chakra prowess being at such a level so early on in his career as a shinobi. Hisashi's control over chakra is so proficient that he can gracefully switch techniques that can catch opponents off guard. A simple fire ball can turn into a widespread wave of flames all by releasing the consented chakra. This control over chakra in thanks to not only his bloodline, but as well as again his constant training throughout his live. As Hisashi gets older and has constant battles, his chakra prowess only grows to higher levels that could someday surpass some of the greats.

Hisashi's most notable use of chakra is being able to expel it from his body and kneed it into the environment. This allows many techniques he use require little to no hand sign at all. This also creates a nightmare for people who can see chakra except those who possess the Byakugan. By having chakra in the surrounding area around opponents this allows him to basically trap the his opponent in an environment of his own using fire. Hisashi can use his chakra as an extension of himself which allows him to sprout techniques from wherever his chakra is present. The ability to do this allows for Hisashi to gain the advantage over multiple opponents when outnumbered or to simply gain the advantage against one.

Through his reading and self-taught lessons on chakra, Hisashi knows that chakra is a powerful tool that he has access to and exploiting the full potential of chakra is his goal. As such, Hishashi has several ways to use chakra besides the common usage known to shinobi which is elemental generation. When applied a certain way, Chakra can be used to heal shinobi, absorb the chakra of others, and even enhance the strength of the user. Through these studies, Hisashi found several ways to use chakra in extensive ways.

  • Enhanced Perception:
  • Enhanced Defense:
  • Overwhelming Presence:

Nature TransformationEdit

Mastery of FireEdit

Hisashi is proclaimed to be a master of Fire Release and techniques involved using Fire. At a young age, Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique could be done by Hisashi while he was in the Academy. This was unheard of, only by the extinct Uchiha Clan, who had affinities over Fire Release. Fire is noted to be one of the most destructive elements known to man, and having a mastery over it can give the person endless destructive capabilities. Devoting almost all of his time to fire neglected Hisashi's chance in branching off to other elements that a man of his skill could have easily show adept usage over. Hisashi however believed that fire was an element that he could show to the world could be controlled to such an extent that it could reign supreme over every other nature including its weakness water. Hisashi can create intense amounts of fire that vary in heat and range. Although the element of water is said to be a combatant against flames, the heat of these flames can be so intense that water evaporates before even touching the flames. Hisashi has learned to increase the intensity of the heat used in his flames and can counter the proclaimed weakness of fire. The heat of his flames were once so hot that he caused the ground to melt.

Another reason Hisashi is a proclaimed master of fire is his ability to use preexisting flames to use against an opponent. He can draw upon these flames and sometimes add onto these flames to create a technique that does substantial amounts of damage. He can even overpower an opponents flames by simply increasing the amount of heat in his flames. His affinity over this nature has sparked Hisashi to create techniques of his own. The way he uses flames to his advantage is unique. Hisashi can even fly by using flames to propel himself off the ground and fly around. Increasing the heat can cause him to fly faster. Along with his chakra control, Hisashi is capable of creating techniques that can completely overwhelm an opponent. Additionally, Hisashi is capable of changing the shape or motion of his flames to best accommodate his attacks. Changing a fireball into a blanket of flames requires no chakra, just breaking the shape of his chakra to accommodate his needs. Hisashi's use of Fire is so masterful that much of his attacks usually don't involve hand signs. Instead he just uses his chakra to produce flames, only using hand signs for techniques that require it. Creating a ball of flames in his hands or shooting small bullets of flames are the types of attacks that require no hand signs.

  • Heat Manipulation: An ability recently attained by Hisashi is the ability to manipulate heat in his flames or the flames of pre-existing flames as well as opponents flames. With fire release comes the obvious ability to create fire through the magical abilities of chakra. Included in creating flames is the hidden ability of heat manipulation. Fire Release users are usually ignorant to their ability to make the heat of their flames as hot as they want. In the Fourth Great Ninja World War, the legendary Madara Uchiha was able to generate flames so intense that they were able to combat the natural weakness of Water Release. The end effect was a giant wall of steam; this of course meant that the two elements canceled each other out. This was because the heat of the fire Madara produced was hot enough to evaporate the water produced by the multiple shinobi.

In Hisashi's case, not only has he found a way to simply cause the heat of his flames to grow to a intense level. Hisashi has found a way to single out this ability of heat manipulation as a variant of his fire release. With this ability, Hisashi can heat an area up without the production of flames. While this takes an additional amount of chakra, the ability to heat an area up unknowingly to his opponent is worth the exhaustion of more chakra. With the ability to manipulate heat Hisashi can melt material.

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