Hiruko Ubusuna
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Name Hiruko Ubusuna
Personal Status
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 5'3
Weight 140
Blood Type a
Hometown Sunagakure
Home Country Suna
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team Black Knights
Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 43177
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai Sand Release, Magnet Release


Hiruko Ubusuna was born in the year of the Fourth Shinobi World War in Sunagakure. As a child, Hiruko was raised in a life of luxury, with his family owning much wealth from the Land of Wind's shipping industry. He never wanted for anything as a child, with the best private tutors hired to give him personal instruction in various skills. When he was seven, he began utilizing the Sand Release, and more advanced tutors were hired, up to and including a visit fromGaara himself. As his skills increased, Hiruko made sure to keep himself humble, reminding himself that there was always someone stronger.


Hiruko is a kind child, and wishes to share what he has with those who have nothing. When he was let out of his clan's walled compound, he would bring food and share it with the homeless, and give them other supplies, to keep cool in the day and stay warm in the desert night.

As he grew stronger, Hiruko established a Nindō for himself: to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.


Hiruko is an average 15-year-old, with some prominent musculature from his taijutsu training. He wears a simple shirt and pants for his normal outfit.


Hiruko is a Sand Release user. He hasn't quite mastered the sand yet being a Genin but is working hard to master his skill with the sand. He has shown a great mastery of speed and body health. He is a proficient unarmed fighter as-well. He's been shown to have good control of his sand.

Hiruko is highly skilled when it comes to ninjutsu, he utilizes his Sand Release attributes to the maximum extent and has a decent mastery over his release, his sand release allows him to sense, attack, guard himself and many more.
Hiruko sand body

Hiruko's Sand Body

Hiruko kicks his opponent

Nature TransformationEdit

Hiruko has displayed considerably great agility and speed, having been capable of dodging a barrage of punches from R and to subsequently counter-attack with his Sand Release at close-range. Hiruko is a proficient unarmed fighter, favoring the use of hand-to-hand combat over his signature Sand Release seen shortly during his fight with Shin Hyōshortly before the Chunin exams, in retaliation to his own attack, in such instance, he was shown tackling and holding his own against three opponents at once. He seems to be physically powerful as well. When R punched him in the face, Hiruko just took the hit and somersaulted back onto his feet in midair. The punch seemed to have no effect on him, leaving no marks on his face afterwards. Hiruko has demonstrated his agile movements almost every time he fought with an opponent.

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