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Name HirenKyaku
Kanji 飛廉脚
Literal English God Step
Rank S-rank
Hand Seals Snake, Boar, Dog
Range All
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
User(s) Yūraga Iyokawa

Is a technique created by Yūraga Iyokawa in order to have speed that surpasses most others. It was invented for the purpose of quick attacks, and to evade fatal techniques used against him.


This technique is achieved by gathering his chakra under his feet. Then he is able to use this to slide on it which grants him great speed. It is so fast that not even the sharingan can keep up with it that well. When he moves it is as if he disappears, then reappears somewhere else in an instant. He created it in order to have a speed which he can then use to overwhelm his opponent(s), he was able to kill an Uchiha with this technique.

When in use the chakra acts like a slide, which shifts his body through the area, so its not him that's moving at an incredible rate, its the chakra which moves him. This can be quite useful as no one so far has been able to keep track of his movements when in use. First he must activate the jutsu, then can use it as many times as he wants.

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