Tobirama Senju

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Flying Thunder God Slash


  • Hiraku is obsessed with the power of the tailed beasts.
  • His obsession with the tailed beasts lead him to research how to create pseudo Jinchuriki to control by utilizing one of Orochimaru's old hideouts.
  • He is also obsessed with immortality which is why he attempts to create clones, real clones that are not made through ninjutsu alone.
  • Because of his obsession with immortality, he made a deal with Ken'ichi in order to get the immortality Technique of Orochimaru. In order to get the technique, he promised to give Ken'ichi the souls of as many people who he knows has died as possible. This means his dead staff, clones and Pseudo Jinchuriki as well as whoever else he happens to meet that dies.

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