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Hindo Inuzuka
Name Hindo Inuzuka
Personal Status
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Blood Type A
Hometown Unknown
Partner Maskue Inuzuka
Nature Type Land of Wind Symbol.svg Wind

Land of Lightning Symbol.svg Lighting

Jutsu Imagesad Toyeegan

Land of Lightning Symbol.svg Lighting Release: Stock Charge

Weapons Kunai
Hindo is a S-rank Missing-nin from a unknown villiage. He along with his partner Maskue Inuzuka are from the Inzuka clan. The bounty on his head was quite small, and was placed by his parents before their death. He left his villiage to prove he could become a famous great shinobi. He along with Maskue are the only two Shiobi known to have the Toyeegan. He was killed by Otomaru Kaguya


Hindo has long blue and black hair, with bangs and hair covering some parts of his face. He also has purple eyes and a darker peach suit, with a red shirt under. His shirt has a unknown logo on the side and thin eye brows. 


Hindo is a very funny, excepting man, but he is very violent and loves to fight. When fighting he loves to intimate the enemy, he ruthlessly kill them.


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