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Hikari Secret Technique: Gathering of the Fireflies
Name Hikari Secret Technique: Gathering of the Fireflies
Kanji 光秘術:蛍集会
Literal English Light Secret Technique: Firefly Gathering
Other Name(s) Hikari Clan Firefly Jutsu
Hand Seals Tiger, Boar, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Rat
Range All
Type Supplementary
Classification Hiden, Fūinjutsu , Ninjutsu
User(s) Yuraga Hikari

The most useful technique to the hikari, and the most cherished. It is because of this jutsu that, the other techniques of the Hikari are used to their full capacity. It is also considered Fūinjutsu because of the seal it requires to be used.


All the techniques of the Hikari Clan require moderate amounts of chakra, more so then most individuals have. To compensate for this, they invented a technique which is the basis for all others they created. All warriors within the clan are taught this in order to prepare themselves for future training. Those who cannot complete this technique are banned from the clan, never again to return to them.

The user will first perform the required hand seals, then he will have to make some kind of physical contact with any living thing that has chakra. Moments after the contact has been made, a symbol only visible to those who have a dojutsu, or great chakra sensing capabilities will appear on the users body. The symbol has the appearance of triangle with three spheres circling within it. This seal allows the targets chakra to be manipulated at will by the user. Though it has its limits, and doesn't grant unlimited access to their chakra.

The chakra if shown to flow out of the target, in a multitude of small pieces becoming visible to everyone and giving it the appearance of fireflies gathering around the user which gives it its name. Though this chakra remains visible and cannot be consumed by the user for later use, must be used as soon as it is manipulated. If it is not it will disperse into nothingness. The target will feel nothing from having their chakra extracted and will not suffer that much of chakra loss. Cutting off ones chakra supply wont work either, as this seal grants access to their entire chakra system.


  • In certain situations the technique may also allow the user to rip chakra from jutsu's in use, their by weakening the jutsu or stopping it completely.

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