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Hikari Secret Technique: Chakra Fragmentation
Name Hikari Secret Technique: Chakra Fragmentation
Kanji ほうりんさいぶんか
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Chakra Fragmentation
Hand Seals Ram, Rat, Snake
Type Supplementary
Classification Hiden, Nunjutsu
User(s) Yuraga Hikari

This Technique was developed as a fail safe in case a Hikari member eve came across a Sensory type. It was used to fool sensory nin into following false trails regardless of there level of training. One sends there chakra out there by fragmenting it and confusing there enemies.


Sensory ninja's have been used through out time to track down there enemies. Usually they would succeed thanks to there abilities. Though the Hikari Clan soon discovered a way to use there great techniques against sensory types there by making there chakra sensing inadequate.

This technqiue works by one splitting their chakra into several pieces much like one does when creating clones. Though unlike clones their appearance does not look human at all. Instead it looks like living chakra that moves, though they are in the shape of the user. They have no thoughts and are pre-programmed to move away from the location they originated from. Unlike clones these bear no help in battle instead only being used to confuse enemies. Though it wouldnt make sense to create this in front of the enemies as that would not help in anyway. One must first cut the line of site from everyone else, then use this technique.

Once a chakra fragement is captured or destroyed it simply dissipates into nothing. One of the few abilities capable of reading through this jutsu is the Byakugan. When sensing for a user of this technique all they see is the user split into different parts and flee in many directions. Unable to tell which is the true until they track them physically.

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