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Yin-YangHiding In The Dust Technique
Name Yin-YangHiding In The Dust Technique
Rank S
Hand Seals Unknown
Incantation Unknown
Range All
Type Supplimental
Classification Ninjutsu, Space-Time & Hiden
Chakra Nature Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Unknown
User(s) Unknown


Although no one but the Hiding Corps and a few elders of Chirigakure knows much about this technique, it is a space-time ninjutsu which only those of the hiding corps knows how to preform but when used, it appears as if the user disappears into a cloud of dust. Use of this technique creates a small limbo dimension at the location of the technique. The size of this dimension depends on the number of users, how much chakra they have and their skill in it. It can be used to hide a single person, a large group or even an entire village.

It is even rumored that this technique is where the name for Chirigakure originated though no one is sure if that is true or not with the exception of the village leaders. This limbo dimension can't be accessed even with Kamui unless the user has been there before or tags along with someone who is using the technique. This pocket dimension exists in no point in time so a person hiding there would not be effected by the change in the enviornment that the technique was used on. The enviornment within the pocket dimension is originally a duplicate of the enviornment which it was used on but while those within it can't do anything to the enviornmnt which the technique was casted on however, the enviornment within the dimension can be manipulated at will. Of course, those hiding within this dimension can't be seen, heard, sensed or touched but neither can they attack someone outside of it. To someone inside the limbo dimension, it would appear as if whoever is walking through the area which the technique has been used on is a ghost and whatever words they speak can't be heard by those within the limbo dimension.

Those within the pocket dimension can clearly see the world beyond the dimension's boundries as if they were in that dimension, allowing them to keep an eye on area surrounding their little world. The only two ways to leave the dimension is to step outside it's boundries or use the technique again but in reverse. If you step back into the area which the technique was used on, you will return to the pocket dimension unless you use a technique not to. This has allowed civilians and shinobi alike who don't know how to use the technique to return to Chirigakure at their leisure without accidentally allowing enemies to enter the village. Although unknown to even most of the Hiding Corps, a master of this technique can use it to collapse the pocket dimension which can be done from within or without of the pocket dimension however, it is riskier to do it from within as there is always the chance of ceasing to exist when the dimension collapses.


  • The size of the dust cloud depends on how big of an area the technique is used on.

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