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The Hidng Corps is a corps unique to Chirigakure that is tasked with the duty of hiding the village from enemies. In order to do this, the corps uses the hiden Hiding In The Dust Technique which only they and the village leader knows how to preform. Because of the necessary secrecy of the corps, no one knows who is a member of this corps or where their headquarters is located with the exception of the village leaders. Should an enemy find out, he or she would be immediately killed in order to protect their identity and the identies of the rest of the corps. In the akward cases where someone from the village finds out their identity or the location of their headquarters, the corps must ensure that the person will not reveal what they know. Usually, they do this through bribes and substantial ones at that due to how well they are payed however, they are not afraid to use blackmail or even kill someone to protect their secrets though they prefer not to use blackmail which they deem as a secondary method and murder/assassination is considered a last resort.

Because of this sense of morality and honor, it is believed that they would act similarly if an ally found out their secret(s) though since the village has none, no one is sure. Most members of the corps lead ordinary lives as normal civilians to mask their identities since they are too important to risk losing however, some are official shinobi of the village, holding the rank of chunin or higher. Of course, they are mainly used in the village's garrison for defending the village and are not sent out on many missions although the few they do get sent out on are usually espionage, spying and reconnaissance.

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