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Henkan Clan
Name Henkan Clan
Kanji 変換
Rōmaji Henken
Literal English Transform
Kekkei Genkai Henkan Technique


The Henkan Clan is a sparse clan. They used to be more populated until the First Ninja War started. They had fought on their own side. They only did this because the war was happening on their own land. They had fought a good battle until the two clans had overpowered them.

But, for the ones that did survive the brutal attack they dispersed around the world. There is no set location for the clan. Over the years they have repopulated their clan. Within that amount of time they have created their own Kekkei Genkai. With this, most will not mess with them no more.

They do battle prejudice by most. This is because of their Kekkei Genkai. People think that it is not natural and should not exist.



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