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Name Haruka
Kanji 遥, 春花, 晴香
Personal Status
Birthdate December 11th
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5"5
Weight 145lbs
Blood Type AB positive
Hometown Chirigakure
Home Country Land of Noodles
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation None
Clan None
Occupation Wanderer
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Family Disowned
Kekkei Genkai None
Tailed Beasts None
Hiden Techniques None
Nature Type Yin releaseYin Release
Jutsu Body Replacement Technique
Clone Technique
Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Rope Escape Technique
Transformation Technique
Illusionary Hidden Mist Jutsu
Hemophobia Jutsu
Autophobia Jutsu
Acrophobia Jutsu
Claustrophobia Jutsu
Ninja Art: False Sharingan!
Ninja Art: False Mangekyō Sharingan!
Ninja Art: False Tsukuyomi!
Impure Genjutsu World Reincarnation
Weapons Shuriken x20
Smoke Bombs x5
Paper Bombs x15

Background (Nearly Complete)Edit

A couple of weeks before the attack by the Nine Tails, Haruka's father who was ten at the time and his parents had a falling out with their clan and made preperations to leave the village, not wanting anything to do with their clan anymore. They had planned to leave the day after the fated day of Kurama's attack on Konohagakure however, when the attack accrued, they realized that this was their best chance to leave and quickly made their way to the Land of Birds without being noticed however, this opportunity also came at a price, they had accidentally inhaled some of the Tailed Beast's chakra but not enough of it to affect them. They settled in the Land of Birds and became shonobi of the Land of Birds, tasked with protecting the Feudal Lord and his family. Ten years later, Haruka's father met Haruka's mother while off duty at the local Birds Festival, a celebration of the many species of birds that gave the nation it's name and started dating, marrying her four years later. Haruka was born the following year and her parents decided that for her sake, he would quit his job and they would move somewhere where they could live peacefully and believed that the new shinobi village in the Land of Noodles, Chirigakure would be that place, despite tensions between the village and the great five nations. 

However, at the age of four, Haruka showed an interest in becoming a shinobi, often using wooden shuriken or kunai crafted for her by one of the off duty shinobi to practice and her parents were not happy in her interest, fearing that their dream of a peaceful life would be ruined, especially since at about the same time, they had started a restaurant in which they had hoped Haruka would help them with when she was older and eventually take over but most of all, they were afraid of the mysterious sickness she has had since she was born which sometimes rendered her bedridden for several days at a time and so, they would never let her go out by herself, even though it was relatively safe to do so, either watching her themselves or having someone else baby sit her at all times, something her parent considered a nusuance and wished that she was normal. The sickness was at first a concern for the village as they worried it was contageous but the village's medical ninja were confident that it was something only she and possible her descendants would have to deal with, easing everyone's worry. But because of her sickness, Haruka was never able to practice her shurikenjuts or taijutsu or just play as long as other kids until it came to a point where kids didn't want to play with her anymore because they didn't want to stop their game to get help every time she had one of her attacks. While she didn't have friends among the other children, some of the adult shinobi were however sympathetic and would help her practice and be her friends. A couple years later, she started school with everyone else, rarely having an issue due to her unique sickness and quickly became the top of her class, impressing her teachers and peers.

Because of her high intelligence, she was able to even skip a few grades and graduate at the young age of ten from the public school, becoming the youngest graduate in the village's short history. This gave her a lot more time to practice her shinobi skills and learn what the requirements were for her to enter the village's shinobi academy. A few months after graduating, Haruka told her parents she wanted to attend the academy but they were not surprised at all, rather they were concerned and tried to talk her out of it but she refused to listen, forcing them to make a deal with her, if she could wait for the hospital to develop a drug to counter her condition and promised to help out with the restaurant whenever possible, they would let her enter the academy. The following year, a drug was developed for her and she entered the academy, having passed the entrance exam with flying colors and exceled at the class work but because of her condition, she was unable to meet the academy's standards in ninjutsu, taijutsu or bukijutsu, leaving her and the academy in a very difficult situation. The academy, like the village recognized that she's very smart and capable but was held back by her mysterious illness. They didn't want to expel her and lose a potentially great shinobi but at the same time, she couldn't progress much further than where she was at. It was decided that she would be removed from the academy but made a sort of honorary shinobi and taught the finer points of strategy and serve as a strategic leader. Haruka was very resistant though and wanted to travel to far off lands on missions but the village leaders were concerned that one day, she wouldn't have her pills and she would be killed on a mission. The village leaders proposed that for the time being, she would do as they asked and in return, they would dedicate as much resources as they can into finding out how to cure her condition, a proposal she reluctantly agreed to but agreed never the less. Her acceptance of the proposal put her parents minds somewhat at ease, knowing that for the time being, she would be safe while serving her village as a shinobi.

Personality (Work In Progress)Edit


Appearance (Work In Progress)Edit


Abilities (Being Revamped)Edit

Chakra & StaminaEdit

Although she was not born to any special clan, Haruka has high reserves of stamina which rivals that of the Uzumaki clan however, like most genin, her chakra levels are nothing special and are actually typical for a normal genin. The reasons her chakra levels are not higher even though she has such high reserves of stamina is a medical mystery though it is believed to be a genetic dysfunction similar to her disability in controlling chakra. Although it has yet to be isolated, medical ninja who have examined her believe that she has a genetic dysfunction which interfere with building up and controlling chakra, significantly increasing the difficulty in controlling chakra. This means that it costs her twice the normal amount of chakra to preform a technique than would normally be necessary. Due to this, she wears out much faster than normal shinobi and often overuses chakra in order to end battles before she runs out of chakra.


Because her stamina usually outlasts her chakra, Haruka trained hard in taijutsu so that she has a method of defending herself once her chakra runs out. Because of her sheer will to survive, Haruka quickly became a child prodigy when it comes to Taijutsu and was known for her unpredictable fighting style which made many people fear her. For the most part, she trained to use taijutsu without the use of chakra and can beat even veteran jonin with it however, she has trained to a small degree in using chakra with her taijutsu and can enhance the strength of her attacks by roughly 10% however, she is able to increase her speed and agility by 30% but can't increase both her speed and agility while enhancing her strength. With the boost from her chakra, few can hope to beat her however, she is reluctant to kill or fatally wound wound someone which often holds her back. Not only that but she prefers to use her advanced taijutsu skills as a last resort though she has been forced to use them rather often.


During her training to become a shinobi, she was taught all about genjutsu, even learning how to counter an enemy genjutsu technique however, her difficulty in building up meant that she has an equally tough time employing the counter to genjutsu. When she was learning to use genjutsu, she had an extremely tough time getting it to amount to anything and never actually manged to preform a genjutsu technique and when her teachers stopped trying to teach her how to use it, she tried no more to learn it.


When Haruka started training to become a shinobi, she decided to specialize in ninjutsu however, her teachers only taught her basic e and d ranked techniques which she had an extremely difficult time mastering due to her genetic disfunctions however, she did eventually master them but not before her teachers gave up and stopped training her, forcing Haruka to train herself like Naruto did. Eventually, she gave up specializing in ninjutsu once she had to train herself because she wasn't able to invent new techniques of her own and specialized in nothing. When it came to ninjutsu, she was often considered to be another Naruto because of her unpredictable ninjutsu strategies.


Haruka has no real care for ninja tools as she prefers to use ninjutsu and taijutsu however, she carries shuriken and string for the Manipulated Shuriken Technique and Shadow Shuriken Technique though at times she will use them for other things depending on what the situation calls for.


Although she doesn't come from a family or clan such as the Nara Clan who are renowned for their high intellect, Haruka is extremely clever and can outwit most people however, she has a hard time outwitting samurai and shinobi of chunin rank or higher due to a lack of training. That doesn't mean though she can't, only that her track record has so far shown that she has never been able to. She is also skilled at coming up with strategies at a moment's notice which have a good chance of outwitting even the the most highly trained opponents but suffice to say, she has never suceeded though many times she has come very close. This is not because of a fault of her own but because her training was never completed before she left the academy.


  • Her name means far off, distant from the Japanese 遥.

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