Hangno No Jutsu
Hangon No Jutsu
Name Hangno No Jutsu
Kanji 反魂の術
Literal English Soul Revival Technique
Other Name(s) Damned Rebirth
Rank S-Rank
Type Yin Release Yin Release
Classification Kinjutsu
Derived jutsu Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation
User(s) Abe no Seimei

Hangon no Jutsu is a forbidden kinjutsu technique capable of returning the dead to life. One thousand years ago, Seimei was unable to perfect it prior to his own death. As his mother is capable of living a thousand years by reincarnating, Seimei intended for her to repeatedly give birth to him - thus enabling him to perfect the technique though out the century. As Hagorome Gitsune hadn't been successful in reincarnating him only a few times, but the technique would have still been imperfect do to the age he was given and couldn't do anything as a infant.

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