Ground Freeze Technique
Ice Ground IE 42 HQ 11
Name Ground Freeze Technique
Kanji 地面凍結の術
Literal English Frozen Ground Technique
Other Name(s) Ice Ground
Rank C-rank
Hand Seals Crossed Tiger → Hare → Tiger
Range Short to long range
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon IceIce Release
User(s) Shimo Yuki


The user essentially uses their Ice Release chakra and pours it to the surface, freezing it in a radius of how much chakra the user puts into it. While using this, they can create a slippery field of ice and sometimes even freeze their opponents' feet. Using the frozen ground, the user can freely run around the battlefield by pouring more ice chakra into their feet, while the opponents need to be careful not to slip, leaving them wide open. Using the frozen ground, the user can perform the Ice Prison Technique from the formed ice.


The user makes the hand seals required for the technique and then they pour their Ice Release chakra into their feet, then they perform an axel jump and land on the ground, releasing the ice chakra and freezing the field.

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