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Genjutsu Clones
Name Genjutsu Clones
Kanji N/A
Literal English N/A
Other Name(s) Clone Genjutsu
Shadow Clone Genjutsu
Genjutsu Shadow Clones
Rank S
Hand Seals N/A
Range Close Range
Mid Range
Type Offensive
Classification Genjutsu
Chakra Nature N/A
Parent jutsu Genjutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Derived jutsu N/A
User(s) Genga Kuramitsu

Genjutsu Clones is a very unique clone related technique created by Genga Kuramitsu, which he often uses in conjunction with his Summoning Genjutsu, another Genjutsu technique that he also created. 


This technique allows the user to create an illusion of a single clone or multiple clones in the opponents minds, allowing them to combat with clones without actually using actual real life clones.  It consumes considerably less Chakra than both the Shadow Clone Jutsu, but also than normal Genjutsu techniques in general, making it an excellent Genjutsu technique to use in combat.  Genga will often use this technique in conjunction with the Summoning Genjutsu technique to put an illusion of himself on top of any of his illusion summonings. 

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