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Genjutsu: False Death
Name Genjutsu: False Death
Rank C(low level users)

S(high level users)

Range All Ranges
Type Defensive
Classification Genjutsu
User(s) Momose Steph
Disuke Uchiha

Genjutsu:  False Death is a Genjutsu technique. 


When the practitioner is supposedly killed by their enemy they can activate this technique, which will create an illusion of their death; however, in reality, although often times still wounded, the user will be very well alive, and able to attack the enemy.  This is an odd Genjutsu in that it can be one of the worst or one of the best depending on who's using it and who they're going up against.  For example, in the case of Momose Steph using it it's one of the worst,. because she's only a Chunin, which means that lots of other Genjutsu users could easily dispel it if they're even slightly higher in rank and skill than her.  However, in the usage of a Genjutsu Master like Disuke Uchiha, it becomes one of the best, because even high level Genjutsu Masters have extreme difficulty dispelling it whenever he uses it. 

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