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Genjutsu: Endless Sharingan
Name Genjutsu: Endless Sharingan
Kanji 幻術:無限写
Literal English Genjutsu: Endless Sharingan
Rank C-Rank
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seals
Range All Ranges
Type Genjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Aoi Uchiha

This Genjutsu was created by Aoi Uchiha. By weaving about 4 hand signs, he can cast a genjutsu that isn't that powerful, if you have enough genjutsu skill, you can break this genjutsu easily. When the Genjutsu is cased, you are in this black world, then a large sharingan pops up, then another, then smaller ones until the point where everywhere you look there is a sharingan. Even the ground has the sharingan, also if you close your eyes, your eye lids have the sharigan on them, your whole body has the sharingan on it, you cannot look anywhere without looking at a sharingan. But, this technique wasn't created to actually be effective to the point where it can incapacitate an opponent, it was created to attack while they are in the genjutsu, escape while they are in the genjutsu, or use a Sharingan Genjutsu while they are in this genjutsu.

If the sharingan starts to spin, that means that you are in Aoi's Sharingan genjutsu. That means that you made eye contact with him in the real world, and now you will be taken into that genjutsu. He has to use a whole other genjutsu like Sharingan: Drowning Genjutsu to do this, also this genjutsu (Endless Sharingan) can be done with one hand seals.

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