Genju Sarutobi
Name Genju Sarutobi
Personal Status
Birthdate 1/28/95
Age 16
Gender male
Height 5'4
Weight 160
Blood Type B
Hometown Konoha
Home Country Konohagakure
Affiliation Black Knights
Clan Sarutobi
Occupation Ninja
Rank Chunin
Ninja Registration 987654
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age n/a
Kekkei Genkai Scorch Release
Nature Type Wind Release, Scorch Release



Genju's Relationship's are priceless and mean everything to him: Yasuki Hatake Their relationship is one that Yasuki trained genju in the ways of a shinobi and showed him what a shinobi does. Genju looks up to Yasuki as a dad. Rogen Toriyama Rogen is a Brother to Genju.


Genju has short black spikey hair and blue eyes. He is a genju but has been trained by the Monkey Sage's, Yasuki Hatake, Rogen Toriyama, Raido X and Kioto. He also considers each one of them good friends and family. He is a descendent of Hiruzen Sarutobi but is one of the few Sarutobi clan members to utilize both of his affinity elements and use Scorch Release. At times he's been known to cloak his weapons in scorch chakra to make them more viable.


Genju has gone to the training mountain to train with the monkey's and become a sage. after about 3 month's of training he finally mastered the ability to become a monkey sage. Genju has also shown the ability for a Kekkai Genkai; Scorch Release.

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